Wisconsin Dairy Co – Chocolate Milk Review

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Nicotine Level 0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle Size  45 ml

VG/PG Not Specified

Price $10 /bottle

The Packaging

The packaging for this Wisconsin Dairy Co, Chocolate Milk e-juice is same with other e-juice from Wisconsin Dairy Co. The bottle has a nice Cow Print Pattern. I can say that the bottle and labels are nice, well done and definitely unique. The logo has the Wisconsin Map with a star on Kenosia. This is where Wisconsin Dairy Co is located.

The bottle is made from food-grade aluminum shockproof bottles that ensures the Grade A liquid contained inside is packaged carefully. Rather than using glass bottles or plastic container, I think it is good to contain your e-juice with a spill proof aluminum bottle. Looking at the packaging reminds me of my childhood and it looks like it contains a delicious e-liquid inside. It comes in 45 ml variety with a pink udder dropper which is cute and allows for you to easily fill your device without any spills.

Throat Hit

Throat hit as we all know is the feeling the e-juice will give you as you inhale. A strong throat hit is similar to traditional cigarettes which sometimes irritates your throat or make you cough. This e-juice has a nice and smooth and gentle throat hit. It doesn’t make much sensation in the throat, which is a good thing for me. It tastes like a real chocolate milk. Based on their tagline “The best milk comes from Wisconsin,” the flavors are crafted to perfection to taste exactly like the American Dairy treats we all love. It does not leave the throat itchy or dry which I really like. It also didn’t make me feel the urge to drink more water. It hits you right from the very start and lingers when you let it go while exhaling. It produces fresh and delicious milky clouds. If you are a die hard chocolate milk person, this is by far the best chocolate e-juice available on the market. You can order this delicious e-juice at Vape Supply Club.


Vaping has become a lifestyle and a way to get out of everything associated with cigarettes. Once a person changes to vaping, they most likely won’t want the taste of traditional cigarettes any longer. For many, flavor variants are what keeping them interested in vaping and E-liquid suppliers come out quickly.

To be the world’s best milk themed E-liquid is what Wisconsin Dairy Co has strived for. They offer a variety of flavors that taste exactly like those classic American dairy treats that we all love. All products are max-VG, and are made using the finest ingredients.

This e-juice does provide a smooth vaping experience with a lasting impression of chocolate milk taste. It’s satisfying will full rich and creamy flavor and definitely one of my favorites. If you are a person who likes chocolate milk, this is definitely the one you are searching for. It tastes like drinking chocolate milk straight from the carton. It gives the excitement to have your chocolate milk into your mouth while inhaling and it gives the user a rich and smooth taste of chocolate milk when you exhale.

Cloud Production

Upon opening the bottle, you can clearly smell the delicious chocolate milk which brings back the childhood memories. You can literally smell chocolate milk flavor like it just came out of the carton. It offers a generous amount of cloud which has a fresh and milky taste. A full smooth vaping experience is what this juice delivers despite being a cheap e-juice.

Final Verdict

Flavored e-liquids in the vaping industry makes it possible to shift from traditional tobacco sticks to e-cigs. Creation of flavorful e-juices is very much significant for many to reduce nicotine intake and possibly quit smoking.

Wisconsin Dairy Co – Chocolate Milk is pretty impressive with its flavor, throat hit, and cloud production. It does not make the throat the scratchy feeling and does not make me want to constantly drink  water. This e-juice is a very good value for money and gives you what you are expecting. It actually exceeded my expectations. I find myself using this every day and I can say that it is a very nice vape for me.

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