Vuse Solo Original Pre-Charged Cartridge Review

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Generally, there are three main categories of e-cigarettes; minis, vape pens, and mods. The use of one or the other depends on personal preferences. Whether you want a device that allows you to vape different e-juice flavors at different settings or a pre-set devices that comes pre-filled and is ready for you to start vaping. Each type of vaping device is peculiar and has its own appeal. For example, pre-filled devices are perfect if you are a newbie to vaping or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a device and refilling your tank. You purchase the pre-filled cartridge not just because the vape pen provides a hassle-free vaping experience, but also because you like the vape juice flavor.

Vuse Vapor is an electronic cigarette company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American. The company is one of the most popular in the US with a 33% of market share. Vuse Vapor is well-known for its collection of e-cigs containing high nicotine content. Currently, Vuse’s most popular e-cigs is Vuse Solo.

Vuse Solo was introduced in 2013. It has a sleek design and a convenient cartridge system. This device comes with six different flavor cartridges; crema, menthol, original tobacco, chai, berry, and mint.

Vuse Solo Kit

Vuse Solo falls in the category of vape pens or ciga-lite that emulate cigarettes as closely as possible. Vuse Solo comes in a little, hard plastic case. Inside you’ll find the Vuse device enclosed in a pack that opens from the back. The product looks like a cigarette, only somewhat bigger, but still very lightweight. Also, inside the box is a standard USB charger and a pamphlet with some information.

  • Vuse Rechargeable in different flavors of your choice
  • Red Led which lights up when you take a puff from the e-cigarette
  • One cartridge and one USB charger
  • 8% NWB ( Nicotine by weight)

Pros and Cons of Vuse Solo

The only disadvantage with Vuse Solo is that the battery is detached from the connector only as a pop system, there is no threading. So, there is the potential for leak issues. There is no security like 8 to 10 thread runs on the connector. It doesn’t seem to be solidly attached. If you mistakenly bend the connector or put pressure on the wrong angle, it’s only plastic and can break. Another thing is that the cylinder on the battery where the cartridge connects could wear down over time. It just seems like a potential issue.

Otherwise, Vuse Solo is super lightweight for its size. The technology used in the Vuse Solo has been hyped in many vape reviews. The technology does upwards of 2000 calculations per seconds to ensure that you’re getting the same type of vapor every single time, from start to finish. Regardless, I can say that the vaping experience on the device is very consistent


Vuse Solo provides decent clouds of vapor. It also gives you a very nice throat hit. Depending on the flavor of your choice, you do get a strong throat hit. Vuse is perfect for newbies bridging the gap from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

You get about a full days’ worth of battery life and about ¾ of a pack worth if you’re a regular vaper. Vuse Solo is a lovely product if you like strong throat hits. You can always try other e-liquid flavors that will give you a soft throat hit such as cream or berry. The tobacco, mint, chai and menthol flavor produce a more intense throat hit.

Generally, for a small electronic cigarette, Vuse Solo is a good product. It is the perfect device to use if you’re a newbie getting into vaping. You will like the simplicity of the design. All Vuse products are made in the United States according to the highest standards and with the latest technology. I’ll give this product a rating of 3 out of 5. It’s simple, modern and currently among the best vape pens on the market.

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