VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid Review

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Vaping is one of the trends that is emerging these days. Even if you are not a fan of nicotine, you can just vape the cool flavors that are available around you. For example, if you are a fan of minty breath, and love the flavor of menthol, then a menthol flavored e-cig will be the perfect choice for you. With VapeJoose Artic Blast Premium E-Liquid, you have the choice of getting the menthol flavored premium e-juice at a decent price.

VapeJoose has been known in the market for quite some time, and you can get your premium e-juice without any shipping cost, if you buy products worth $30, which is great.

VapeJoose comes with several flavored e-liquids with different nicotine content, to offer you the pleasure of vaping. If you are looking for an icy blast flavor in your e-liquid, then VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid is the coolest option for you.

Flavor Description

So, by now you might have guessed what the flavor of VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium e-liquid is. In case you haven’t it comes with menthol flavor, to give you that minty breath, and the freshness, which even chewing a gum cannot provide.

When you open this e-liquid and vape it, you will be welcomed with a fresh breath of mint. When you inhale the vapor of this e-liquid, you’d have the real flavor of menthol. One of the best features of VapeJoose is that the flavor seeps in your mouth and stays there. This is why this is one of the best e-juice flavors you’d find in the market today, and vapers all over the world love this. The sweetness of this e-liquid is just in the right amount, and it won’t leave any bitter or chemical aftertaste, and this is why, this is a must try for anyone interested in vaping.

Nicotine Strength

All of VapeJoose Premium E-Liquid, comes with different nicotine strength to cater to different types of vapers. With VapeJoose, you can enjoy different nicotine contents. The lowest nicotine strength being 3mg and the highest being 24mg. You can also choose the ones in between, i.e. 6mg and 12mg.


VG/PG ratio means the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol present in your e-liquid. VapeJoose offers you 50% VG, 70% VG, and a maximum VG. Since the e-liquid has a medium thickness, you shouldn’t have any issues while vaping or dripping.

Throat Hit

Since the flavor is menthol or mint, you won’t have any irritation in your throat even for the highest nicotine content. This product of VapeJoose provides you with a mild throat hit, which allows you to enjoy the flavor easily.

Vapor Production

When you use VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-juice, you’ll get thick clouds vapor. These clouds last longer and have a pleasant and cool scent of mint. In fact, it leaves a cool and sweet scent near you.


When buying e-liquids, people generally worry about the packaging of the e-liquids. With VapeJoose, you can be sure of having sturdy packaging for your vape liquid. The product is available in 30ml and 60 ml and 120 ml plastic bottle. All bottles come with labels, which show the VG/PG ratio, the size, the nicotine content and the flavor of the e-liquid.  Additionally, it also has the company logo printed on it. Moreover, you shouldn’t be worried about spilling the contents of the container, since the cap is tightly sealed.

Final Thoughts

When you inhale the VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid, you get the menthol flavor, which provides you with a refreshing experience. Be it in winter or summer, the freshness of the menthol flavor from VapeJoose is going to provide you with a unique experience, which you cannot forget.

Additionally, VapeJoose has been a known name in the e-cig community for their products and the easy returns. If you think that the product was not sent in the right way, you can ask them for a replacement. If you think that the flavor is not as per requirement, all you need to do is steep it for a few days, and you’ll have the flavor that you are looking for.

At the end of the day VapeJoose e-liquids would make sure that you are satisfied and the Arctic Blast Premium E-liquid is no exception.

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