VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid Review

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Vaping  has been on the rise for quite some time now and has become more and more popular with each passing year and . If you’re not big on having nicotine in your vape juice, you can just enjoy the delicious flavors the industry has to offer. For example, if you if you like the feeling of having cool minty breath, then there’s menthol flavored e-juice. With VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid, you have the choice of getting the menthol flavored premium e-juice that will tingle your taste buds at a cheap price. If you’re a fan of great tasting e-liquids then visit the Vapejoose website and check out their huge selection of some of the best premium e-juice anyone has to offer.

VapeJoose has made its name known in the industry for quite a while now. You can get your cheap e-juice with free shipping if you spend 30$ or more on their website With the prices they offer it’s really a great deal. The VapeJoose collection has so many great tasting e-liquids with different levels of nicotine content. This selection of premium e-liquids is sure to have something to tantalize any and every vapor’s taste buds. If you are looking for a peppermint menthol flavor then VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-Liquid is sure to meet your vaping needs.


Flavor Description

VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium e-liquid is a peppermint and menthol e-juice. When you inhale the vapor of this e-liquid, you get a realistic peppermint taste and the menthol just makes this juice even cooler. This e-juice is so minty and cool that the flavor will seep into your mouth and give your tongue the tingles as a wave of icy cool breeze soothes your throat.  This is why this vape juice is one of my favorite flavors from Vapejoose or any other company in the industry today. This juice is so good that you’ll want to chase that cool breeze all day long

Nicotine Strength

All of VapeJoose Premium E-Liquid comes with several different nicotine strength options to meet the need of every kind of vaper.  You can choose to have 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 24mg of nicotine contents with all of Vapejooose premium e-liquids. In fact, they even offer options above that for the hardcore high nic vapors. It states that 24mg, 36mg, and 48mg of nicotine contents are specially formulated for small pod devices. I would recommend that you follow that statement. In my experience vaping any e-juice in sub ohm devices with a nicotine contents above 12mg of nicotine can be extremely harsh on the throat. That being said this premium e-juice has a nice cool smooth mild throat hit.


VG/PG ratio means the ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol present in your e-liquid. VapeJoose has mixes in 50% VG, 70% VG, and a maximum VG. Since the e-liquid has a medium thickness, you shouldn’t have any issues while vaping or dripping. And you never have to worry about your coils getting all gunked or your cotton burning.

Throat Hit

Because of its peppermint and menthol flavor, this e-juice should never have a harsh throat. It should always soothe your throat with a cool wave of minty goodness.


Vapor Production

When you use VapeJoose Arctic Blast Premium E-juice, you’ll chuck dense clouds of vapor that will linger in the air as it dispenses minty freshness throughout the room.


People generally tend to worry about the packaging of the e-liquids they buy. With VapeJoose, you won’t ever have to worry about flawed packaging. Arctic Blast is available in 30ml and 60 ml and 120 ml plastic unicorn bottles. The bottles have labels that, show the VG/PG ratio, the size, the nicotine content and the flavor profile of the e-liquid.  The bottles also have cool pictures that describe the juice you’ll be vaping and the company logo above that.

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