Vanilla Almond Milk Vape Juice by Moo E-liquids Review

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Vanilla Almond Milk by Kilo Moo is a brand new flavor quite popular on the market. This e-juice is from the Kilo Moo series offered by Kilo E-liquids. The company is based in Buena Park, Southern California.

Founded in 2014, Kilo E-liquids offers premium-quality vape juice crafted with unmatched excellence. The company’s standard brands consist of five flagship flavors; Tru Blu, Kiberry Yogurt, Cereal Milk, Dewberry Cream, and Fruit Whip. The company also has other lines of products; Kilo Moo Series, Bazooka Sour Straw, Kilo Black Series, and Kilo White series.

Vanilla Almond Milk is part of the Kilo Moo Series. The e-juice is a sweet, creamy delight that you can enjoy all day and still crave for more. Vapers who like milk-based flavors will be completely satisfied with this e-juice as it hits their palates.

A Fantastic Flavor

Vanilla Almond Milk is a creamy delight that mixes nutty almonds and creamy vanilla with creamy milk.  The taste of vanilla is smooth and subtle as you inhale, your taste buds register a light sweetness. When you exhale, your palates are seduced with the creamy vanilla milk. With each vape, you will crave for more

There is no chemical or tart aftertaste. Instead, a pleasant sweet sensation lingers for a while in your mouth, enticing you for another puff.

VG/PG Ratio

Vanilla Almond Milk e-juice is available with the vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. This is Max VG that attracts many cloud chasers. With each vape, there is abundant cloud production that thrills cloud chasers. The heaviness of the clouds can be tasted, and when you exhale, the cloud takes some time before dissipating into the air.

The e-juice has a slight thickness but is quite easy on coils. You will find that you get a lot more thrill when using a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

Nicotine Strength

Kilo  Premium E-liquid offers three different levels of nicotine that caters all types of vapers. You can choose between 0 mg, 3mg, or 6 mg. If you’re either a flavor chaser or a cloud chaser and not interested in throat hits, the 0 mg will give you all the thrill you seek.  However. You can step up the staircase to obtain some throat hits.

Depending on your preference, either 3 mg or 6 mg, the sensation obtained is smooth since these levels are low nicotine strength levels. You will experience mild throat hits that feel soft with a cooling effect as you exhale. You will not feel any weird sensation or itching, but a pleasant coolness on the throat.


There is nothing extraordinary with the cardboard box of Kilo Premium E-liquid, except the fact that the standardized patterns and logo reminds vapers of the brand. It however, looks nice. The necessary information is 0n the box which includes the brand name,  the product name and the logo.The Kilo Moo series is also known for its unique spotted-cow motif.

You will notice the same design pattern on the label of the bottle. The bottle is made of transparent glass and has a childproof safety cap. It also has a nozzle that facilitates dripping into a tank or atomizer. You have a choice between 30 ml or 60 ml bottle.  


Kilo Premium E-liquid offers some of the best prices on the market. For its Moo series, the 30ml premium-quality bottle cost only $15.97. This is a bargain price and a perfect opportunity if you like vaping high-quality products.


Vanilla Almond Milk is a vape juice that you will undoubtedly take delight with. It has a fantastic taste. The company, Kilo E-liquid, is an award-winning company and has significantly grown since 2014.  They attribute their growth to their passion, integrity, creativity, sophistication, and patience to craft high-quality vape juices.

Vanilla Almond Milk is currently one of the widely demanded e-juices on the market worldwide.  What makes Kilo E-liquid unique is that most of the company’s e-liquids give tastes that blend old flavors and new flavors. With Vanilla Almond Milk, the company offers vapers a dessert that is subtle yet sweet with hints of cream. When you vape Vanilla Almond Milk, the taste will have you desire more. It’s mouthwateringly delicious.


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