The Muffin Man E-Liquid By One Hit Wonder Review

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The Muffin Man is arguably one of the best e-liquid flavors from US-based e-liquid manufacturers, One Hit Wonder. The unique taste of this premium e-juice earned One Hit Wonder a place in the vaping industry. The Muffin Man combines the flavors of freshly sliced Deep Red Washington Apples and the taste of cinnamon baked into muffins. Memories of home-baked apple muffins come flooding with every puff of this premium e-juice. The Muffin Man is produced in California with only high-quality ingredients. One Hit Wonder has some of the best dessert flavored e-liquids on the market. If you enjoy the taste of dessert-flavored e-liquids, then The Muffin Man would be ideal for you.

The Muffin Man is one of those e-liquids that can be vaped all day long. The taste of this e-liquid is vibrant and refreshing. Every puff of The Muffin Man calls for more hits. The taste of the apple flavor in this premium e-juice is quite strong on the inhale. However, when you exhale The Muffin Man, it is the taste of the cinnamon based muffin flavor that fills the taste buds. The Muffin Man has a sweet, spicy and tarty aftertaste. The taste of the cinnamon muffin flavor is balanced. This e-juice is not too sweet; all flavors in The Muffin Man are well blended to provide vapers with an enjoyable vaping experience.

The Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder is produced with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a preset ratio of 80/20. This VG and PG ratio is a classic One Hit Wonder mix. The high VG and reduced PG content mix make The Muffin Man have a thick and smooth texture. This thick and creamy texture makes The Muffin Man ideal for dipping on a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). You can also use this e-juice with a sub ohm tank.

The high VG content in The Muffin Man makes it retain a lot of flavor. This max VG content of this e-juice makes this e-juice produce massive clouds. These clouds of vapors would impress any cloud chaser. The Muffin Man has a very smooth and light throat hit. Like other One Hit Wonder e-liquids, The Muffin Man comes in limited nicotine strength levels. These strength levels include; Omg, 3mg, and 6mg. Vapers who enjoy higher levels of nicotine may be disappointed with The Muffin Man. However, the taste of this e-juice makes up for it.

The Muffin Man like other One Hit Wonder e-liquids is sold in 180ml squeeze bottles. This squeeze bottles also come with two free 15ml plastic unicorn bottles. These customized One Hit Wonder bottles are used for refilling tanks. These plastic bottles have the advantage of being easy to carry around since they would not break even if it happens to fall. These 15ml bottles are ideal for vapers who are constantly on the move.

The Muffin Man by One Hit Wonder can be bought at for $54.99. Besides The Muffin Man, other One Hit Wonder e-liquid flavors can be purchased at the ecig vape shop. These One Hit Wonder e-liquid flavors include; The Man, Police Man, My Man, and Rocket Man.

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