Smpl Juice DeLemonFul Eliquid Review

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Smpl Juice has been in the vaping industry for over five years. It has been making waves and has produced rich tasting e-liquids since then. These products from the company are available on their website.

One of the company’s best products is the DeLemonFul Eliquid. It is a cream custard cake flavored e-liquid with a lemon twist. This juice has been presented as a simple juice yet has all the rich ingredients that make it tasty.

Flavor Description

You will right away taste the rich creamy custard flavor of the DeLemonFul Eliquid. As the flavor seeps into your mouth, you gradually can taste a twist of lemon in the juice. This is very tasty and refreshing and all you want to do is indulge in the flavor. It is perfect for your everyday vape. The best part is there is no chemical aftertaste when you use this e-liquid. There is no feeling of thirst nor will your mouth get dry from the product. It really has been made one of a kind by Smpl Juice. Your mouth will water as you open a bottle of this e-liquid because of the sweet scent coming from the juice. The sweetness is just right that you never get tired of it. You can make this as your everyday e-juice for vaping. The flavorful blend of this e-juice is so distinct that you are able to taste all the tasty ingredients in it. It is one of those e-juices that is worth your time and money. The flavor makes you want to get more of this product. Smpl Juice has lived up to what they have been producing and those are simple juices that are easy to love.

Nicotine Strength

You get to choose from three nicotine strengths from this e-liquid. The options are from 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. You have the freedom to choose what is best for you.



The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of DeLemonFul Eliquid is 70vg/30pg. The juice has a medium thickness level to it so there are no issues vaping from your tank or dripping it.

Throat Hit

DeLemonFul Eliquid produces a mild throat hit. You can feel a sensation that travels at the back of your throat as the juice seeps further. This sensation is very soothing and you will not feel any irritation at all.

Vapor Production

Thick clouds come out when you use the DeLemonFul Eliquid. These thick clouds do not disappear right away. The scent coming from the juice also lingers in the air and is not irritating to the nose.


Once you get to taste the rich flavor of DeLemonFul Eliquid, you know right away that it has been made from exquisite ingredients. You get to taste a unique flavor of an e-liquid from this product. Its sweetness and the twist of lemon has been made right for you to enjoy. It is like eating your favorite creamy custard cake on a cozy afternoon. It feels so relaxing especially with the twist of lemon in the e-liquid. The flavor tantalizes your taste buds. What’s great to behold are the clouds that it produces. These clouds are so thick and these linger longer in the air. You also will feel soothed as you inhale the juice because the throat hit is very mild. You want more of this e-juice each day. Once you try this product, you will not look for any other with a similar flavor because DeLemonFul Eliquid has been made to be one of the best on the market today. You get the best value for your money when you purchase the DeLemonFul Eliquid because a 120ml bottle only costs $22.00. You are able to purchase it right away at This is definitely one e-juice that is worth having.



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