SMPL Juice DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid Review

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Vape juices sure are a good alibi to splurge ourselves on desserts without feeling guilty of calories. However, as you know, not all ejuices can totally capture our favorite desserts or even captivate our taste buds. So, we always tend to be picky and make sure we get the finest ones. A friend of mine hooked me up to this new dessert flavor called DeLemonFul Cake blend from SMPL Juice, and I can’t wait to get this a try.

“DeLemonFul Cake Eliquid delivers a cream filled and custard packed slice of cake with a touch of luscious lemon making your taste buds go wild.”

Correct me if I am wrong but it feels like I got myself a lemon pound cake with sweet, buttery, and lemony notes playing throughout. Such delicious flavors immediately leaked out the instant I opened the 120 mL chubby gorilla plastic bottle. And if you actually taste the ejuice, brace yourself for some delicious layers of rich cream nestled between tiers of tart citrus notes. This is wonderfully refreshing!

On the inhale, you will get that creamy, tangy, and custard cake taste. Then a citrus lemon zest blends in all the way through the exhale. It is rich and smooth, and the sweetness is not overly. It’s sweet in a natural way, not as if you got some artificial sweetener in there. Its lemon citrus component is also not overwhelming. Other lemon flavors tend to be overpowering and you easily get tired. But this, I am definitely loving every puff! (P.S. I initially tried this using my Ego CE4 clearomizer atomizer tank then in my RDA. Both produced good taste but the RDA is way better.)

The throat hit of this SMPL Juice eliquid is pleasant and mild, just enough to let you know that it is there. This is perfect especially for those who are prone to nicotine headaches. That being said, I absolutely recommend this as an all-day vape. It does not give that nose tingling sensation, and this does not leave your mouth and throat feeling all dry. Also, unlike other dessert-flavored blends, no weird or chemical-like aftertaste from this baby.

The DeLemonFul Cake ejuice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Such ratio is perfect for cloud and flavor chasers alike. Speaking of clouds, they are huge, dense, and do not disperse easily. Yes, you can easily fill any room with its lemon pound cake-like scent.

Just like strawberries, lemons are a tough flavor to capture in vape form. So if you are looking for something that will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with a perfect lemon twist, make sure you get a bottle of this DeLemonFul Cake vape juice from SMPL Juice company. And yeah, do not worry about the “how much” as SMPL Juice is offering it at a price “even your grandpa can swallow.” This premium eliquid costs only $15.00 at Trust me when I say this is worth every penny spent. Besides, where can you even find a premium quality ejuice with this price tag?

This vape juice from SMPL Juice company comes in three nicotine options – 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The 0 mg version is ideal for casual smokers or non-smokers as this contains no nicotine at all. Some also use this to practice vape tricks or to transition down from 3 mg. It gives off pure flavor, but this definitely won’t satisfy your nicotine cravings. The 3 mg is ideal for sub-ohming as it won’t burn your throat. This is also recommended for flavor chasing with nicotine. And lastly, the 6 mg is called the “middle of the road,” a perfect transition from 12 mg.

As aforementioned, the DeLemonFul Cake ejuice is packed in a chubby gorilla bottle, which for me is a very convenient go-to container. It has a child-resistant cap, (an added safety precaution for kids), and a narrow needle tip that allows you to easily transfer the eliquid into any dripper or atomizer. It has a pretty simple yet straightforward design. The yellow-colored label contains pretty much everything you need to know about the product. It displays the brand name, flavor name, size, nicotine strength level, manufacturing date, expiration date,and the usual warnings, to name a few.


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