Smok™ Galileo Mechanical Mod

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Check out the latest review in Spinfuel Vape Magazine on the Smoktech Galileo we sent them!

The Galileo is a Telescopic Mechanical Mod made of Stainless Steel and is absolutely stunning with its details on the body and switch. Just like its cousin, the Magento is built to last with is solid construction. It features a bottom mounted magnetic switch that uses opposing magnetic poles to keep the switch out, unlike most Mods that have spring type switches which break over time. This one is built to last with its magnetic switch and has a really nice easy feel to it that is unlike any other switch on the market.

It also has a safety collar that can be screwed down to lock the switch so it can be carried in your pocket or purse without fear of accidently firing.

Since Galileo is telescopic you can use different size Protected Li-ion, IMR or NiMH batteries in varying sizes including 18350, 18500, 18650.

The Galileo an eGo 510 connector on top with an adjustable connection pin that allows you to use almost any type tanks, has cartomizer, and atomizers have 510 threading. Just about almost anything could be used on this mod with a 510 to eGo thread connection.

Work amazing and is compatable with the Smoktech Trophy Tank, Vivi Nova, and Octopus threaded type Tanks, Cartomizers or Atomizers.

The Galileo’s measurements are approximately 4.0 inches with an 18550 installed and 3.4 inches with an 18350 installed.

PLEASE NOTE: The Smoktech Galileo is for responceable and advanced Vapers only. It does not include a battery or charger. You may purchase those separately in the option boxes in this listing or the site. The Galileo is not a beginner’s product and should always be handled with care, The Galileo is only be used with PROTECTED batteries and should NEVER be used with unprotected batteries or stacked batteries.

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