Review of the Top 4 Girly Bongs

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Glass water bongs have evolved markedly over the years. There are many intricately designed bongs on the market today that deserve to be categorized as works of art. At the risk of sounding sexist, there are also lots of girly bongs out there. Girly bongs are essential stylish and cute bongs that will appeal to female smokers. This is not to say that these bongs were specifically made for females. Instead, it is tied to the fact that women are known to have heightened aesthetic sensibilities. Girly bongs are eye-grabbing and are usually not very bulky. In this review, we will look at four of the top girly bongs on the HaSmoke online store.

Blue Leaf Small Water Bong

This lovely bong was handcrafted with thick borosilicate glass. It is 7.5 inches tall and has a 14mm joint. It has a slightly bent neck and a small mouthpiece with colored accents. The most striking feature of this bong is the two small leaves that are designed on the front. The leaves do not add anything to the functionality of the bong but gives it a unique appearance. You can use this bong to smoke dry herb or concentrates. It comes with a dry herb bowl, but you can remove that and use a dab nail instead. This bong is not only small and stylish, but it is also lightweight. You can get the Blue Leaf Water Bong for $28.

Tube Weed Bong With Diffuse Downstem

This cool weed bong measures 15 inches tall and is made of thick borosilicate glass. It has a sturdy appearance. There is a skull pattern on the bong that extends from the base all the way to the mouthpiece. It comes in black or green design. The bong has a deep bowl so you can fit in a lot of dry herb. It is fitted with an ice catcher which allows you to add ice cubes into the bong to give you smoother hits. The bong is designed with a diffuse downstem to filter the smoke. This weed bong does not only look good but also rips pretty well too. You can get it for only $42.99.

Beaker Base Bong With Spiral Percolator

This solid girly bong that comes with a lot of features that experienced bong users would fancy. This beaker bong has purple color accents. It measures 15 inches tall and has 18mm thick joints. It also has a flared mouthpiece with beaded designs on the neck to give it a nice grip. The bowl of this bong is quite big so you can fit in a lot of herb. When you take a hit from this bong, the smoke is filtered twice before it reaches your mouth. First, it goes through the removable downstem where the smoke is diffused and filtered before it goes through the domed showerhead percolator for another round of filtration. In addition to all the features mentioned above, this beaker base bong also has a 3-pinch ice catcher. This means you can put some ice cubes into the bong to further cool down the smoke. This bong is priced at $48.60.

Colored Coil Inline Percolator Water Pipe

This sleek 12.5 inches bong has a 14mm joint and is made of clear glass. It has a condenser coil which functions similar to ice cubes. However, you do not have to worry about ice cubes melting and water filling up your bong when using this bong. The condenser coil contains glycerin. You need to freeze the coil shortly before you use it. This beautiful bong is designed with inline percolators to filter your smoke. It comes with a flared mouthpiece. You can use this bong to smoke wax or concentrates. It is very easy to clean and will give you smooth hits. This bong costs only $45.

These are just some of the elegant bongs on the HaSmoke shop. HaSmoke is one of the top online headshops today. The store has a wide collection of bongs, bubblers, and nectar collectors for sale. HaSmoke does not only stocks the latest and best smoking products, but this shop also offers incredible prices.

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