Review of the Top Glass Bongs Under $25

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Everyone knows that if you scour the market, you will find some cheap glass bongs priced under $50. But did you know that you could also get some solid glass bongs for as low as $25? Yes, HaSmoke has cheap pipes and bongs, and other smoking accessories. This store does not stock any low-quality products. HaSmoke sells custom glass bongs as well as bongs produced through collaboration with some of the top glass bong manufacturers on the market like ROOR and other popular companies. All the bongs on the HaSmoke store are handpicked by expert bong users. In this review, we will look at four of the top glass bongs on the HaSmoke shop that cost less than $25.

Cheech Cup Glass Dab Bubbler Water Bong

The Cheech cup is one of the latest bong cups to hit the market. It has a unique shape that resembles a Starbucks cup. There are designs all over the body of the bottle that looks like drops of honey. The bong measures nine inches and has 14mm thick joints. It is made of Pyrex glass, which means it is nearly indestructible. This bong comes with an oil rig dome and nail so you can choose to vape either concentrate or oil. You can get this Cheech Cup bong for just $19.99 from the HaSmoke online shop.

Oil Drum Dab Rig With Titanium Nail

This oil drum dab rig is a piece of beauty, and it is very functional. It is designed with thick glass in a cylindrical shape like an oil barrel. It has two raised lines on the body which makes it easy to hold. The drum measures 6.6 inches in height. The rig is made of clear glass and has a diffused downstem for proper diffusion. It comes with a 14mm joint as well as a titanium nail and dome so that you can use it to smoke concentrate. The mouthpiece of this rig is a little curved for ease of use. You can get this mini bong from the HaSmoke shop for only $21.99.

Oil Recycler Bubbler Mini Glass Bong

This is a portable glass bong with a bubbler and a built-in recycler. You can use this rig to smoke either concentrates or essential oils. It comes with a 10mm female glass vapor dome and a glass nail. It also features a built-in downstem diffuser. When using this rig, it is advisable to heat the nail from the top only to avoid cracking and breakage. Thanks to the curved mouthpiece of this bong, you can use it in any position that is most comfortable for you. This is a compact bong that will give you smooth hits. You can get this rig from the HaSmoke shop for just $21.99.

Hitman Glass Bong With Matrix Percolator

This is one of the best bongs that you will find on the market today under $25. It is  7 inches tall and has 14m thick joints. The rig is made of clear borosilicate glass and has a nice flat 2.5 inches base. The bong is fitted with a matric percolator and a small bubbler which will filter the smoke before you inhale it. The rig comes with a dome and a nail so that you can use it to smoke oil and concentrate. You can get this solid glass bong on the HaSmoke store for just $19.99.

These are just some of the glass bongs that you can find on the HaSmoke shop priced less than $25. HaSmoke is one of the most successful online glass shops today. This is a one-stop store to get all types of bongs and other smoking accessories at incredibly low prices.

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