Review of Lemon Cake by Cheap eJuice

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Lemon Cake by Cheap eJuice is one of the best e-juices available on the market today. It is a dessert flavored e-liquid that you just want to indulge in with your everyday vape. This e-juice is worth a try and it is readily available online. Cheap eJuice is located in Costa Mesa, California.

Flavor Description

Once you get to taste Lemon Cake by Cheap eJuice, you will right away notice that the flavor is for dessert. You taste the lemon cake right on when you inhale the juice. As the juice enters your mouth, you will gradually taste the cream, custard, and vanilla frosting. The best thing is there is a touch of lemon that lingers in your mouth. There is no chemical aftertaste using this e-liquid because it tastes like real lemon cake with all its sweet ingredients. You can enjoy vaping all day with this e-liquid. The flavor is so rich that your mouth will water even with just smelling the aroma of its sweetness. This e-juice makes you want to come back for more and you never get tired of its taste. There are some e-juices that also tastes like lemon, but this product is rich with the ingredients. The flavor does not disappear right away. In fact, it even leaves a satisfying flavor in your mouth. It is one product that is worth your vaping all day.

Nicotine Strength

There are two nicotine strengths that you can choose from with the Lemon Cake e-juice. You are able to choose from a 3mg nicotine concentration and 6mg. The choice is dependent on how strong you want your juice to be.


Lemon Cake by Cheap eJuice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70vg/30pg. This is perfect for dripping and you can either vape it from a tank or an RDA.

Throat Hit

You get a mild throat hit from Lemon Cake e-juice. Once you inhale it, you will feel a small sensation that travels at the back of your throat. However, you will not feel any irritation at all because it has a soothing sense to it. The best part is you get to taste the lemon cake which is very delicious at the same time enjoy your vape.

 Vapor Production

You get thick clouds from vaping with the Lemon Cake e-juice. Once you inhale it, you will taste its dessert flavor and exhale it produces thick clouds that do not disappear right away. It also will leave a very pleasant smell as the clouds linger on the air. The clouds from this juice are pleasant to look at because of its thickness and it will leave you enjoying the experience. 


There are a lot of different e-juices available on the market today that has a similar dessert flavor but Lemon Cake is one of the best. Cheap eJuice has made this e-liquid to be superb with rich ingredients that are satisfying to your taste buds. You surely can taste all the flavors in this juice.This juice can let you vape all day without getting tired of the flavor. What is great about this product is it is sold at a very affordable price. Lemon Cake by cheap eJuice costs $11.99 for a 120ml bottle. It can readily be purchased at




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