Review of Innokin ITaste MVP V2.0

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As you start to do research and read electronic cigarette reviews  online on the many different vaping devices that are available for sale, you will undoubtedly come across the name Innokin. It is becoming one of the more well-known vaping companies in the industry, primarily because of the wide variety of products that it produces, their unique appearance, and the quality of the products that they produce. There are many different product lines produced by this company including their iTaste vaping units. In this article, we will take a look at one of their more popular ones called the Innokin ITaste MVP V2.0.


The iTaste MVP Variable Voltage MOD boasts a 2600mah battery, eGo style 510 connectors (so you know its compatible with all your favorite atomizers), tanks, and cartomizers.

With The ability to change your voltage from 3.3v to 5.0v max, you will be vaping like a pro in no time. The iTaste by MVP has a very simple interface for controlling voltage, and for a box-shaped mod actually feels very nice in your hand. The build quality it very professional, and solid. One added the feature that we think is great is that it that the battery in the iTaste is so powerful that you can actually charge other USB-based devices right of the MVP itself with the help of the multi-use charging adapter. We have benched three days of heavy vaping off of one charge on the MVP and that is nothing to laugh at.
The Rise Of The Vaping Machine

If you had told people five years ago that smoking would be going to the wayside replace to buy electronic devices that delivered nicotine using vapor, you would’ve probably been laughed at due to how small the industry actually was at the time and the public perception of these devices. Since then, fast forwarding into the future, this billion-dollar industry is continuing to grow. New and innovative vaping devices are being created every day, with some of them looking far different from their electronic cigarette origins. Let’s take a look at how the original e-cig looked when everything started all those years ago, units that you can still buy online and at tobacco shops all across the country.

Electronic Cigarettes Began It All

All of this started when electronic cigarettes were first made, products that are still very popular. They look at first glance like a regular cigarette, having a long white and what looks like a regular filter. The filter portion is actually the microchip processor, an atomizer which vaporizes the liquid, and the liquid that you are going to smoke. The battery is a rechargeable unit which can be charged using your USB port on your computer. You can also charge it with regular outlets. The problem with these devices WAS that you really didn’t have any control over the vaping experience itself. When you inhale, that’s it, there was no way to change the amount of vapor that you are able to get. That has changed in recent years with variable voltage and variable wattage units that are now becoming exceptionally popular. This is one of the reasons that the Innokin ITaste MVP V2.0 is such a popular product, something we will now discuss.

What’s So Great About The Innokin ITaste MVP V2.0?

When you first look at this particular unit, it has all the appearances of a cigarette lighter. At the top on one side, you insert the mouthpiece which has the container where the e-liquid will go.
The best thing about this particular unit, as with all glassomizer and similar products is that you can see how much you have left. A regular electronic cigarette, you never know how much is left until it suddenly runs out. It also makes it easy for you to fill this cartridge with any type of e-liquid that you want. On top of that, the variable voltage and wattage, along with the ohmmeter, allows you to increase the amount of vapor substantially, enhancing your overall vaping experience.

If you would like to try one of these newfangled vaping products that are available today, you really can’t go wrong with the MVP V2.0 Innokin ITaste unit that so many people absolutely love. Give it a try, see how it feels to get nicotine into your system through vaping. You may never go back to traditional smoking again.

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