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Acer Dulcia Flavor Note   Bold maple and walnut with a crisp suggestion of apple

Price   $19.99 for 30 ml


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Review  Acer Dulcia by Cloud Alchemist

Imagine you’ve just finished an exquisite dessert. The flavors were full and perfectly complimented. As you’re relaxing on your patio and enjoying the beauty of the stars, the ejuice flavors and taste will satisfy you with complete pleasure and help to enjoy your moments. What could make this evening any better?

Acer Dulcia is an irresistible, delicious crispy apple treat that’s the perfect dessert vape that is smooth and velvety. It is ideal to pair with an espresso.

Fresh Review

As I’ve discussed before, I don’t like to talk about value, that’s just not where my skill set lies, particularly when perceived value is what’s imperative when it comes to vaping. If the only juice you enjoy sells for $1/ml, I’d say spend that money. If that juice only costs 35¢/ml, well that’s even better. In that regard, Cloud Alchemist has managed to drum up a very loyal following with their extraordinarily low pricing. Before all the emails begin pouring in asking me if I steeped this juice, the answer is “yes,” I steep every juice.

In this case, I tried several different atomizers variations and eventually got a fairly decent vape out of this juice on a mech mod/RDA rig using my ERA with 28ga kanthal on XC-116 at .8? That being said, these reviews are scored based on side by side comparisons, in the same style atomizers, on the same mod, my ProVari. And in that instance, this juice over performs.

Flavor Review  Inhale and Exhale

I start tasting the apple. It’s not a huge shot of apple, but it’s enough to compliment the maple. Tastes more like a green apple than a red to me, as I get just a bit of tartness to it. Not a candy or super sweet green apple though, pretty authentic to the fruit itself. That slightly tart apple flavor is what I’m left with on the finish. I end up liking this one. I like the apple to maple ratio here. It’s better than the Apple to the honey ratio in Cloud Alchemists Promised Land E-Liquid.

The front side of the vape is occupied mostly by the sweet maple syrup flavor with the walnut portion of the profile becoming more pronounced through the midpoint before exhale, with all of it tying together smoothly on the Inhale.
On exhale I got a big bust shot of apple with hints of the maple with a bit of tartness that comes from green apple. The walnut also shows up in the early exhale. What makes this the best e-juice I have ever reviewed is the smooth finish which gives me full pledge vaping satisfaction.

I find the sweet maple spot just short of 10.5w at 5.1v on a 2.5 atomizer. This produces the most flavor one can eke out of this particular e-liquid, as well as a decent smooth throat hit with slightly above average vapor production.

Over-All Flavor Note

The distinctive flavors of this juice are only discernable if you think about it. They blend masterfully creating an overall unique taste. I would consider the naturally sweet maple and walnut to be the most prevalent at the inhale with the apple notes taking a back seat. There’s a smooth, organic, earthy quality, almost spiced with the smallest hint of smokiness. If you tossed freshly sliced apples and walnuts into maple sap and cooked it over a wood fire, the smell of that concoction would give you this flavor. It’s subdued, calming, and kind of interesting.
Aged Review

Yeah, so, I really love this one a lot. The apple takes the race over about midway through the exhale and lead around through the finish. It leaves a nice mixture of tart and sweet lingering on my tongue. If you like the taste of maple, but don’t like the sucker punch of sweet that usually comes with it, check this one out.

Finally,  This is a very nice, real maple crisp apple dessert vape! If you like a dessert vape, you WILL love this premium e-juice

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