PHIX Starter Kit Review

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There are many pod systems available on the market for vapers. However, the PHIX brand is one of the best in the industry. This vaping company offers portability, easy functions, rich flavor, and a strong battery. Major League Vapers, a California-based company, produces the PHIX starter kit.

The PHIX starter kit is the best choice for people new to vaping. And vapers with experience will also have a great time with this device.


The PHIX vape device has a superb ergonomic design with a stylish diamond or polygon shape. With this vape pod, you can vape on the move, and it easily fits into the pocket or bag. This vaping system has dimensions of 19mm by 110mm by 10.75mm. The PHIX does not have any buttons and is draw-activated. This device comes with a ceramic finish and has the PHIX logo on the body.


The PHIX has a strong battery with a capacity of 280mAh. This battery will last you for about a day before it runs down. You will be able to get about 220 puff before the battery needs charging. It takes about 45 minutes to 2 hours for the PHIX battery to get fully charged. Unlike other vape devices, you can vape with PHIX while it’s charging. PHIX works with a USB charging port. And this device comes with overcharge protection. There is an LED light that lights up with every hit. The light also indicates batter strength. The light is blue when the battery is full. Orange when its mid-way and red when it’s very low.


The PHIX pod is designed to be easily joined to the battery section. Each PHIX pod can hold about 1.5ml of e-liquid. You’ll get about 400 puffs from these pods. These pods contain 50mg/ml of premium nicotine salt. These pods are designed with ceramic wicks that ensure vapers get dense flavors. The PHIX pods are easily refillable and come in different e-juice flavors. The manufacturers of PHIX have partnered with some of the finest e-liquid brands to make unique pod flavors. Some examples of some PHIX Pod flavors are Butterscotch, Cool Melon, Hard Strawberry Candy, Iced Tobacco, Spearmint, PHIX Tobacco.


The PHIX device is one of the most affordable vaping systems on the market. You can buy the PHIX starter kit for $19.99. This device is available in different color finishes, Electric Blue, Rose Gold, Red. Basic Black, and Pearl White.

You can buy the PHIX starter kit from the Ejuice. Deals for $19.99. And PHIX replacement pods are available for sale at $17.99 per pack.

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