Lost Vape – TAN V2 35W

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History of Ebony Makassar

Makassar ebony comes from a species of flowering tree of the family Ebenaceae andemic on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

It is known for its unique color variations, oscillating from orange to black beige, through an infinity of tints all more sumptuous than the others. Its striated structure is characteristic of the species.

It is a precious wood of great quality, very appreciated by the Japanese and used for centuries for the traditional making of office furniture.

History of the name

The word “TAN” is the phonetic transcription of the Chinese word meaning “ebony wood”, the same word also meaning “brown”, “black” or “halé” in English, a happy coincidence that perfectly represents the colors of the wood used For TAN V2 from Lost Vape.

The term “TAN” thus represents perfectly this electronic mod as much for its visual aspect as its composition.

The engraved character on the front of this mod, pronounced “TAN”, comes from the Sigilary script set up by Emperor Chin Shi Huang during the Chin-Han Dynasty (221 BC – 200 AD). This calligraphy is one of the oldest in the history of China.

The Lost Vape – TAN V2 in detail

Lost Vape’s TAN V2 is a stunning, variable-wattage wooden electronics mod with the Yihi SX-300M V2 (7-35 Watts) chipset supporting all resistances on the 0.4 – 3.0 Ohms range.

Positive and negative connectors in brass plated 510 floats plated brass plated 24 k gold.

Removable battery hatch with the powerful magnet.

The Lost Vape TAN V2 can accommodate 1 battery in format 18650 to support 30A of discharge in the ideal.

Its manufacturing material gives the TAN V2 a very good thermal insulation.

In order to display the Yihi SX-300M chipset information, Lost Vape’s TAN V2 is equipped with an OLED display located on the edge of the MOD.

The TAN V2 offers the following protections: reverse battery protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, under voltage protection and resistors too low

The electronic mods are intended for an informed public, knowing the basic principles governing the operation of the latter (Ohm’s Law, Volts, Amperage, etc.), and should only be used with high-performance batteries (Sony VTC5, Efan, LG, Samsung, etc.). Any inappropriate use of this type of mod could have serious consequences.


contents: 1 rigid wooden box, 1 Mod Electronique Lost Vape TAN V2, 1 user manual, 1 cover in imitation leather.

Material (s) of Manufacture: Ebony Makassar, copper, brass, stainless steel, gold

Dimensions:     Width: 47mm, Height: 99mm, Thickness: 25mm

Total weight: 312 grams

Weight of the Lost Vape TAN V2 only: 102 grams

Operating range: 7w to 35w

Output Voltage: 3.6V to 8.5V

Accepted Resistors: 0.4Ω – 3.0Ω

Screen:   OLED

Connection type: 510 (Brass) Plated Gold Floating

Supported Battery Type (s): 1 * 18650

features: Battery remaining warning light, Short-circuit protection, Reverse battery protection, Protection against too low voltages, Automatic stand-by system, Unlocking in 5 presses of the main button.

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