iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit Review

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The iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit comes with the 5.5mL Diamond sub ohm tank. This is one of the latest vape pens from iJoy. Let us all have a closer look at the features of this device.

iJoy Saber 100 vape pen runs on a single 20,700 battery and can reach up to 100W. This mod comes with the IWEPAL chip that has a lot of safety features. The chip protects the user from short circuit, low power, and anti-reverse power. The device comes with different colors including blue, red, black, metal, green, silver, rainbow, gold, and purple.

The Diamond sub ohm tank, which comes with the iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit, can produce large vapor clouds. This default bubble glass that comes with this tank can hold up to 5.5mL of e-juice. There is a spare frosted straight glass tube that can hold up to 4mL of e-liquid. Although both glass tubes are durable, they can shatter if the tank is dropped. So, if ever the bubble glass breaks, you can use the straight 4mL glass tube.

The iJoy Saber 100 features a 180-degree screw thread at the top. If you unscrew it, you will see two easy filling holes—the first hole is for filling up the e-juice and the second hole is for air to travel through the device. You adjust the air control by turning the base of the tank.

The Diamond sub ohm tank comes with a pre-installed DM-Mesh 0.15ohm coil that produces the best flavor. There is a spare DM-DM coil with the same resistance of 0.15 ohm just in case of damages. If you do not like this coil, you have many options to choose from. Just put in mind that you have to buy them separately. The Diamond tank can hold its own against just about any other tank on the market.

The recommended power range of the iJoy Saber 100 is 40W to 90W. At 40W, the tank produces nice clouds and great flavor. The device vapes smoothly. You will notice a huge improvement when you increase up to 60W.

The iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit is recommended for vapers who love vape pens and are interested in sub ohm vaping. This device is more powerful than the average vape pen. This is a perfect vape kit for people who are making the switch from smoking to vaping. It would also suit seasoned vapers. This vape pen functions just the same as a box mod.

iJoy Saber 100 is a bit huge for a vape pen. If you are planning use this device all day long, it is best to carry some spare batteries just in case you run out of power.

iJoy is one of the top manufacturers of hardware in the vaping industry. The company created the iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit to give people who use box mods an option to try another style of device. The iJoy Saber 100 will give you a fantastic vaping experience.

You can get iJoy Saber 100 Starter Kit with the Diamond sub ohm tank for only $59.95 at smokly.com. This is a good price for this high-quality vaping hardware. The kit includes a replacement glass in case of damages, a 18650 adapter which allows you to use 18650 batteries, a warranty card, a packing tool, and a USB cable.

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