Halo Kringle’s Curse E-Juice Review

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Halo Kringle’s Curse is a peppermint flavor that makes fans go gaga. In fact, this actually tastes  like peppermint candies! It has a strong, cooling, and sweet taste, carrying all the possible distinct peppermint flavor. But in case you are not a menthol or mint lover, this blend, which is part of Halo’s Gourmet range, is something you should consider (I swear this is worth the try). It has no underlying tobacco taste but it will still let you crave for more.

This could be perfect for those looking for more intense than the usual menthol blends or for those with sweet tooth as well. The delightful peppermint flavor produces immense vapor and strong throat hit. Its flavor bears resemblance with CoolMist, another menthol or mint blend from Halo. The CoolMist, however, is more of a sweet and milk kind, while the Kringle’s Curse is less sweet and more intense.

The liquid comes in a 30-ml nice, sturdy glass bottle that is tinted in dark blue (maybe to protect the nicotine content from UV rays). It displays a label bearing important data like the nicotine level, toxic warnings, ingredients, expiration date, and lot numbers. Interestingly, its cap, which also serves as a dropper, has volume markings. This makes it easier to refill tanks or drip the exact amount into an atomizer. Say goodbye to fumbling with plastic needle caps!

While some e-juices smell totally different from what it actually tastes like, the aroma of Halo Kringle’s Curse smells exactly like a liquefied candy cane. It surely feels like Christmas all year round!

If you want a cool to warm vape, you can keep the wattage at a pretty low level (preferably between 6.0 and 7.0). Beginners could give the Eleaf iCare Kit a try, which costs AUD $16.95. Advanced vape users, on the other hand, could use the Smok AL 85 Kit with a TFV8 Baby tank. This costs only AUD $74.95. Both mods are readily available at https://caktusvape.com.

It’s a perfect balance of vapor production and flavor. Talking about throat hit, it will less likely knock you out because of the icy cool menthol effect. But don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a weak menthol. The peppermint is present but not overwhelming. It also leaves a cool aftertaste with a slowly fading minty flavor. This makes you feeling fresh and clean after vaping.

On the inhale, you will get that very distinct yet subtle mint burst. It feels like you are chewing a mint leaf (in case you have tried doing that). The e-juice gives off a soft throat hit even on higher temperatures. Instead of feeling a burning or sharp sensation, the flavor lends a sort-of cool sensation throat hit.

During exhale is where you get most of the flavor. The dry and a bit bitter mint is more prominent in your mouth or nose however, the taste is followed by a subtle sweetness and somewhat a hint of chocolate. The e-juice is so smooth and really lingers in your mouth. It is a good all-day vape. The Halo Kringle’s Curse is a high VG juice, but it does an excellent job on remaining subtle even when you take a long vape from it. It also sits a bit gently in the lungs with the same cooling sensation.

The Halo Kringle’s Curse also serves as a good mixer. You could add other e-liquids a more menthol effect or give other flavors that subtle minty flavor. It is nice to be curious and creative!

Halo is a front runner in the e-cigarette and e-liquid industry. It offers several products including e-cigarette tank systems, starter kits, batteries, cartomizers, and other accessories. Its e-liquids are available in different tobaccos, menthol, and other gourmet or dessert flavors.

The juice is available in different nicotine concentration strengths. It is offered at 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg/ml of nicotine. It contains the standard vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio standard of Halo, a secret formula the company refuses to divulge to avoid other companies from duplicating. You can grab your own bottle now for as low as AUD $24.95 only at Caktus Vape.

The Halo Kringle’s Curse is also a winner of a Spinfuel Choice Award. This is definitely a one-of-its-kind dessert flavor you have never tasted before.

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