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If you’re particularly in the know about electronic cigarette developments, then you are most likely, as I am a huge fan of the Halo G6 e-cigarette model. When they rolled that beautiful device there was nothing that could keep the throngs of e-Smoker traffic out of their online shopping cart. The pure simplicity and functionality of the Halo G6 has opened up the company and allowed them to create their own line of American-made “Smoke Juices” that have taken the e-Liquid market in America by storm.

The Halo G6 is great because of how their engineers approached old issues with cartomizer technology. Instead of filling the cartomizers with that quasi-cardboard filler that you find almost everywhere else on the market, Halo used the innovative new poly-fill cartomizer stuffing. This means that you can keep refilling your cartomizer cartridges for a long time until it wears down, saving E-Cigarette connoisseurs a lot of time and money. And that’s on top of their new “bottom coil” heating rod, the smart new approach to atomizing that helps direct the vaporizing power toward the e-liquid and away from torching the Styrofoam-like filling.

So given the improvements that Halo brought to the entire industry, this was huge to both beginning and veteran smokers alike. Beginners could now get right into refilling without needing expert experience and veterans could now refill cartridges with the e-Juice of our choice and without having to deal with those nasty 3-piece models that spill all over your jean pockets. Due to the huge increase in popularity across the Halo brand, they came out with a really premium line of Halo e-Juices to complement it. This line has become a real hit to e-Liquid connoisseurs across the world.

Probably the most convincing selling point for this new Halo e-Liquid is that it’s made of 100% FDA approved, pharmaceutical grade ingredients (another way of saying there is no antifreeze propylene glycol in their base). In general, e-Juices made in America tend to be of a higher quality than overseas e-Liquids. There are stricter standards as well as more concern over the quality and an attitude of “having the best products” by Americans. Regardless of the cultural differences, e-Smokers of any nationality will enjoy this massive e-Liquid collection from Halo.

These are the current best seller flavor options they have out in their online store:

  • Tribeca E-liquid
  • SubZero E-liquid
  • Kringle’s Curse E-liquid
  • Turkish Tobacco E-liquid
  • Torque56 E-liquid
  • Prime15 E-liquid
  • Menthol ICE E-liquid
  • Malibu E-liquid
  • Mystic E-liquid
  • CoolMist E-liquid
  • Fusion E-liquid
  • Freedom Juice E-liquid

If nothing else, you have to hand it to them for those flavor names – I feel like I’m shopping for alien electronic smoking machines or something when I read through those! All of the e-Liquids come in varying strengths, evenly working up from nicotine-free 0mg to the full-bodied 36mg strength (the Smoke Juice of e-Maniacs). On top of all those options, they have a “Sample Pack” that comes in five different options : the “Tobacco Sample Pack”, the “Evo Sample Pack”, the “Variety Sample Pack”, the “Mints & Menthol Sample Pack” and the “Dessert Sample Pack”, – each includes 6 different flavor 10mL bottles of Smoke Juice for only $24.99.

Their e-Liquid prices are definitely not as unreasonable as some of the other American brands I’ve tried – their 10mL bottles only run for $8.49. And that’s just for those who don’t want to go for it all and buy a 30mL glass bottle for $19.99. Oh, and don’t forget, there’s an added bonus with ordering Halo products – they offer free shipping on orders over 75 dollars. So if you want to just go and stock up on Smoke Juice for a few months, you can really end up seeing some savings.

Now for the important part, the Halo Smoke Juice trials! I picked up a sample pack, it was of the variety persuasion but still came with Turkish Tobacco and Tribeca tobacco flavors; so I got to try those too. In the end, I have to really give props to the Tiki Juice Smoke Juice flavor – it just had a certain kindness and mellowness in it as I puffed away, a far cry from those old tobacco cigarette hell sticks from the past. The Subzero Menthol flavor was also surprisingly good – it had an interesting blend that tasted sort of like chewing minty gum while guzzling down subzero rum but in a good way. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the flavors that I got from these high-grade Smoke Juice samples; but I was even more impressed with the huge plumes of vapor and satisfying throat hit that came of it.

Not to be some sort of Westerner who thinks America makes better products that anyone else – but when it comes to e-Liquids, it’s just simply a fact. Of course, American e-Liquid manufacturers wish they had the balls to run some of those low-budget operations out there, but I just have to say thank goodness for the FDA. If not for those regulations, no e-Smoker could ever experience that really nice throat hit that pounds your throat passageway as you draw a silky smooth vapor cloud into your lungs as they thank you for feeding them the Halo Smoke Juice. Nor would I have had the chance to exhale a beautiful cloud of vapor that makes everyone within 100 feet think that you are lighting up in public and got me kicked out Starbucks. So I guess what I’m saying is – I dig Halos American-made Smoke Juice e-Liquid and I recommend giving it a try whether you’re a beginner or an old refilling wizard. Halo has just proven again and again to be a quality online supplier.

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