Good n’ Evil Cotton Candy E-Juice Review

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Nicotine Strength  0mg  3mg  6mg

VG/PG   80/20

Bottle Size   60ml

Price   $18.99/60ml bottle


Sweet and Delicious Cotton Candy


This e-juice has an eye-catching packaging design with the brand name Good n’ Evil clearly printed at the top part. The lower part of the bottle indicates the flavor. The label is straightforward with the flavor which is cotton candy. It has a dropper style cover so you can fill up your tanks easily and without spillage of your e-juice. This e-juice comes in 60ml bottle

How does it taste?

Cotton candy is one of the classic fair foods amoungst kids and adults. The feeling of picking it from the stick up to melting it in your mouth is just so amazing. The indescribable feeling of eating a cloud like food with its softness is just so wonderful and is quite hard to resist.

Bringing me back to my childhood where I crave for cotton candy is what this e-juice flavor does to me. It has the right sweetness of cotton candy but not too much sugary effect on the mouth. Upon opening the bottle, you will smell the sweetness and will make you feel the urge to start vaping. When you inhale, you will taste the sweetness of the e-juice. The sweetness is just right and still lingers when you exhale it. It does taste exactly as it’s described.

Throat Hit

With this sweet and flavorful e-juice, I had a smooth and mild throat hit. There is no harshness and it is  satisfying on the throat. There is a little sweet aftertaste but it is tolerable. It did not leave my mouth dry and not much strong sensation on the back of my throat. Most vapers find which e-juice will provide them a good throat hit and I think, I have found the one suited for me.

Cloud Production

I was able to come up with a big and abundant amount of cloud as this e-juice has 80VG. You can smell the mild sweetness in the cloud and brings you back to memories of your childhood when you were busy enjoying your cotton candy. The clouds remains long and there is a definite cotton candy smell that lingers. The smell is very mild and not irritating to the nose. A full and smooth vaping experience is what this e-juice has to offer despite having a cheap price. You might want to give this one a try if you are a dripper or want to become one.

 Nicotine and VG/PG Content

Nicotine affects the flavor and throat hit of your e-juice.
There are three Nicotine Strengths for this this e-juice; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

As for the VG/PG ratio, This e-juice has VG/PG ratio of 80/20 which is a good ratio. This fantastic e-juice has an improved taste while providing a mild throat hit.

 Where to Buy

If you are new to Vaping or a fellow who wants to explore different flavors of e-juices, Strictly Juice is best for you. It is readily available online and they offer many choices of e-juice which absolutely give you more fun in your vaping experience.

Final Verdict

Strictly Juice certainly got this one right with the actual flavor of cotton candy with this fantastic e-juice. It clearly tastes like cotton candy without being overly sweet. There is definately no weird aftertaste nor the need to drink a bunch of liquid after vaping. This is without a doubt a good value for your money.It has definitely exceeded my expectations when it comes to cotton candy flavor. Another thing that I like is that it does not give you any harsh feeling in your throat. I don’t like e-juice that gives me the feeling of thirst after vaping. The cloud production is great and the scent lingers long after the clouds disappear.

I can use this as my everyday vape and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I would recommend this e-juice for those who like it sweet but not too strong and for those who are looking for a budget friendly juice. Buy one now and experience the fun while vaping this wonderful e-juice.

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