Fruit Nebula by Atomic Dog Vapor Review

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If you are looking for the best e-juice brands, then Atomic Dog Vapor is the place to go. You can find several products from different brands. Aside from vape juice, you also can see other products relevant to vaping. You can check these products out at the Atomic Dog Vapor website. This firm has a good line of e-liquids that have been perfected to give out the best flavors. One of the products that you can find is ADV Fruit Nebula. This e-liquid has the perfect blend of the real Strawberry, watermelon and kiwi fruit flavors. The e-juice is sure to revive your taste buds

Flavor Description
Once you open a bottle of Fruit Nebula e-liquid by Atomic Dog Vapor, you will immediately smell the sweet fruity scent. This scent will make your mouth salivate right away. When you inhale the juice, you will taste the real flavor of Strawberry, watermelon and kiwi fruits. Its vapor is so tasty that you will wish to keep vaping all day with it. The flavor is just the right blend of these fruits, and it stays in your mouth pleasantly for a while. The great thing about this e-juice is there is no chemical aftertaste from this e-juice. Once you exhale the vapor, you will not feel thirsty nor will your mouth get dry from the product. It is so flavorful, and you will want to make it your everyday e-liquid. The blend from the ADV Fruit Nebula e-liquid is just right that you will want more of it. Its sweetness too is just right, and you will not get tired of this vape juice.

VG/PG Level
There are no issues vaping or dripping this e-liquid since its juice has a medium thickness level to it. The vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol of Pix e Blue Raspberry E-juice is VG/PG  70/30

Nicotine Concentration
ADV Fruit Nebula e-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor comes in various nicotine concentration levels to ensure that you receive the best experience depending on your desired level of use. This e-juice is available with a maximum of 24mg of nicotine concentration level. It is also available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg.

Throat Hit
If you go for the maximum available (24mg) of nicotine level concentration, you can expect an intense hit. However, the ADV Fruit Nebula e-juice’s throat hit is not harsh or overwhelming in any way.  With lesser nicotine concentration options, you can expect a pretty mild throat hit.

The ADV Fruit Nebula comes in a lovely bottles of either 30ml or 136ml, depending on the quantity you need. The bottle is well designed with the brand name written on it in bright colors. The bottle has a child-resistant cap. Atomic Dog Vapor Juice is one of the vaping companies that pay attention to the way they package their e-liquids.

Atomic Dog Vapor company has made its mark on the market with its high-quality, affordable e-liquids. Besides ADV Fruit Nebula, the other e-liquids in the company’s line are ADV Karma Apple, ADV Notorious POG, ADV Tutti Frutti, ADV Jamma Jamma, ADV Green Apple, and so much more.

Once you open a bottle of ADV Fruit Nebula E-juice, you will smell the sweet scent of its fruity blend right away. Once you taste it, the real flavor of Strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi seep into your mouth pleasantly. The lovely flavor will stay in your mouth for a while, as it charmingly vitalizes your taste buds. You can vape all day every day with this juice without a cringe. You will not get tired of the product’s flavor because the sweetness from this e-juice is just right. It is worth coming back for more. Once you check the Atomic Dog Vapor ‘s website, you will notice that it has several products available. These are the best. You will want to deal with this company because it has the best customer service. You sure will be one satisfied customer after you deal with them. The great thing is the company has several deals on their products. All you have to do is visit their website to get these deals firsthand.

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