Fluffy Pebbles by Fluffy E-liquid Review

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A good e liquid is one that instantly calms your nervous senses and rescues you from the situation of hyper stress. Fluffy Pebbles by Fluffy E-liquid does exactly that. While it is absolutely spot on, this e-juice goes about doing its business pretty smoothly. This is to say that its taste is like a surreal magic that leaves you enchanted, but doesn’t overpower you in anyway.


Fluffy Pebbles is able to create this subtle magic owing to the fact that it brings together some amazing ingredients. Get ready to feast on the intoxicating taste of rice crispy treat and relish the dash of fluffy marshmallow icing. And of course the fruity pebbles are also nicely mixed in this flavor, which obviously happens to be the main USP of this e liquid. We’ve no doubt that you will simply fall in love with Fluffy Pebbles’ taste. At least, I and my friends are finding it almost impossible to resist this e juice.

What I liked the most is that Fluffy Pebbles is in no hurry to bust your stress. It tries to flatten your senses slowly and steadily, as has been mentioned above. And as your senses begin to calm down, you’re slowly nudged into a transcendent world. The entire process can only be termed as remarkably smooth. I have personally vaped several e juices in my lifetime, but very few have been as smooth as this one.

This e juice has a zero nicotine strength and nor is it very hard on your throat. Its throat hit score is 2 out of 5. This score may come across as very unflattering for people who have a thing for throat hit. The only remedy for them is that they will have to mix this E Juice with a nicotine booster to get a good throat hit. On the upside, this Fluffy e liquid boasts very good vapor production, which should help you to get lot of vapor from every single puff of this e liquid.


As far as packaging, it is packaged exactly the way it should be. Simply put, Fluffy Pebbles packaging is very eye catching and makes you wonder ‘what is exactly inside this package’? This sense of curiosity would not have been created had the package not created a retro feel, which instantly makes you feel nostalgic and throws you back to the bygone era. I certainly like to give some credit to the photo of retro girl that is pasted on the label. She surely knows how to entice your senses.

Going beyond the aesthetics of packaging, this e liquid’s package mentions all the details about the key ingredients. Be it nicotine strength and all the other important ingredients that have been used to make this e juice. It also enlists the details about the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which is by the way 70/30.

Now that I have rated this product so highly, it would be little awkward if I don’t mention about the manufacturer. ELYSIAN LABS is the company that manufactures Fluffy Pebbles. Chances are that you may have never heard about this company, but this may change in coming years. After all, this upcoming company has already made a niche for itself for making some delicious e juices.

Finally, I would like to disclose about the price of this product. Most of you must have already presumed that such a nice product will be priced heftily. If you’ve indeed thought so, then get ready for a pleasant surprise. This is because the 60 ml bottle of Fluffy Pebbles vape juice comes at affordable price of $24.99. Trust me, this price is pretty affordable, especially considering that this product is absolutely quality stuff.

You can buy this quality e liquid at hordes of retail stores or on the online shopping sites, especially ones that are dedicated to selling vape juices. For instance, the ejuiceblowout.com, where you can easily find the best e liquid deals.

Over all, Fluffy Pebbles is a must buy vape juice. Once you vape it, you won’t be able to get enough of it. More than addiction, it will become your companion and I guess that is a good thing as far as busting your stress is concerned.

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