Eleaf iStick QC 200W Mod Review

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The Eleaf iStick OC 200W Mod is a quick charging mod with long battery life. The mod is easy to use like others from Eleaf and comes with some unique features.

The Eleaf iStick QC 200W is fitted with a built-in tri-cell 5000mAh battery which can produce up to 200W. It also has a cell balancing trickle charge system that ensures the battery is powered up equally with a maximum charging current of 1.5A. Some users have noted that when this mod is charged with a current under 1.5A, the battery does not get filled up quickly.

This mod is not only powerful, but it is also affordable and stylish. The Eleaf iStick QC 200W Mod comes in six colors; black, red, silver, brown, green and wood grain.

With a dimension of 52mm by 83mm by 25mm and a weight of 195g, the iStick QC 200W  is not too bulky compared to some others on the market. It easily fits in your grip. And thanks to its rounded corners, you do not have to worry about feeling any pains in your palm when you hold it tightly. This mod is quite affordable too with a price tag of $54.75. You can get the Eleaf iStick QC 200W Mod from several physical and online vape stores.

There is a stainless steel 510 thread connector on top of the mod for attaching your atomizer. The iStick QC 200W will fit any atty with a size of 25mm of less without any serious overhang.

This Eleaf mod supports stainless steel, titanium, and nickel wire coils. In the temperature control mode, the resistance range of the device is 0.05ohm to 1.5ohm. However, in the wattage mode, the resistance range is 0.1ohm to 3.5ohm. It supports a temperature range of 100 degrees Celsius to 315 degrees Celsius.

The Eleaf iStick QC 200W Mod has a unique smart mode where the device remembers the wattage of the coils you use based on its resistance. It can remember the wattages of up to 10 different coils.  The mod also has a preheat function that will allow you to heat the coil up to higher wattages.

Like other mods, the iStick QC 200W has a small OLED screen on its front. The screen is located below the fire button and above three other buttons. You have the option of changing the welcome logo on the mod, and there are four interfaces to choose from. The Eleaf iStick has a unique reset button that allows you to clear your previous settings.

At the base of the iStick, QC 200W is a USB port and ventilation holes for the battery. The package includes a USB cable that can be used to charge the mod and update it. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. What’s more, you can use this mod as a power bank. Eleaf is selling a reverse charging adapter that can be used to convert the 510 connection into a power outlet to charge your phone and other devices.

The Eleaf iStick QC 200W comes with many inbuilt safety features including overcharging, over-current, and over-discharge protection. 

Overall, the iStick QC 200W is a powerful mod that can be used by heavy vapers as well as beginners. Whether you are cloud-chasing or flavor-chasing, this mod will get the job done. It comes in a very stylish design and is straightforward to operate.

Eleaf Electronics is one of the Chinese companies that has managed to make its mark in the vaping industry. The company’s range of products include atomizers, starter kits, batteries and other accessories. The company’s most popular products include the Eleaf iStick Pico 75W Mod and the Eleaf Pico Squeeze Kit.

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