Dragonfly E-juice by Matt Cool Review

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Dragonfly, manufactured by the Malaysian e-juice company Matt Cool, is for sure one of the best apple flavored e-juices on the market today. You will find plenty of apple flavored e-juices, but this one tops the list. It is widely enjoyed by both novice and experienced vapers.

Dragonfly by Matt Cool  is part of the wide range of the company’s various fruity e-juices and is quite popular in markets worldwide.

The Taste Experience

Dragonfly is great because you obtain more than just a nice apple flavor. As you draw, you obtain a nice refreshing coolness, emblematic to Matt Cool. Afterwards, the rich apple flavor is clearly felt. Then, you have the distinguishing characteristics, somewhat, acidic, sour, sweet flavor of green apples. Your taste discovery doesn’t stop there. Dragonfly has a nice unique blend of mint and citrus.

Both the mint and citrus are barely perceptible. Matt Cool notes that the taste of Dragonfly is based on the icy pop of apple and citrus. However, the citrus blends of the apple and is somewhat diluted in the flavor. You will hardly taste the mint, but the sensation is present as an icy coolness on the exhale.

The dominant flavor is green apple. The sweetness of green apples is heavily felt as you draw and as you exhale. Its sweet and sour characteristics is felt along with a cool blast.

Nicotine level, PG and VG

You will notice the equal proportion of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), 50/50. You obtain a good amount flavor carried in the vapor and the clouds also have a nice viscosity. It’s thick and semi-fluid. There is a very good cloud production that gives a great experience of.

Dragonfly is an e-juice that does not produce a harsh throat hit; however, it is very pleasant. You can vape all day enjoying the fantastic taste and coolness. This is one of the reasons it is widely popular. You can obtain it with nicotine strength levels of 3 mg or 6mg.

Price and Packaging

Matt Cool’s distinctive box is eye-grabbing. Like all of Matt Cool boxes, the design of the iconic gorilla logo is on the box, but in green color indicative of the cool blast that Dragonfly provides. The bottle contains 30 ml. It’s a  clear bottle and has the Matt Cool logo on it. It’s not a fancy, but the shape makes it quite practical for dripping. You will find it  easy to use with any type of e-cig.

At only a price of $10.99, you can enjoy one of the best apple flavored e-juices on the market. This is an e-liquid that you will certainly choose as one of your favorites. Matt Cool is known worldwide for producing premium vape juice with the use of natural ingredients. This is high-quality e-liquid rated among the best to experiment with for 2018. You can obtain it at a very good price.

Dragonfly is just one of the fantastic premium e-juice offered by Matt Cool, however, you will find that it is unique and the notes of apple flavor distinguish itself from many others in the market. With Dragonfly, you will be taking the apple vaping experience to the next level. You can vape at ease all day. The coolness and nice apple aftertaste that lingers in your mouth for a while after you have exhaled will increase your envy for the next draw and your delight of vaping Matt Cool apple flavored e-liquid.


Nothing beats the taste of apples for vaping. It’s a popular fruit widely appreciated by vapers. Matt Cool apple flavored e-juice is unique and offers a whole new experience. If you’re a vaper who seeks to enjoy the rich flavor of green apples and also appreciates  good cloud production, then give Dragonfly a try. Vapers that are not fond of throat hits, but are after a very cool and satisfying experience vaping will find that Dragonfly provides a fantastic apple flavor vaping experience.

Matt Cool’s use of natural ingredients captures the freshness and crispness of farm apples. It’s clean and gives off a nice aroma when vaped. One draw and you will just want more of this orchard-fresh goodness.

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