Dirt Cheap E-juice’s Snozzberry E-Liquid Review

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If you are a fan of mixed berries, Snozzberry e-juice by Dirt Cheap is the perfect vape liquid for you. This e-juice has the authentic flavor of mixed berries. You will want to indulge in it.

When you open a bottle of Snozzberry e-juice, you can smell the flavor of mixed berries. It has a yummy scent that will make you want to vape it. This e-liquid is a blend of fresh blackberries, ripe strawberries, and juicy raspberries.

The sweetness seeps into your mouth slowly, and the taste lingers for some time. The flavor of this vape juice is very comforting. It feels like eating fresh berries picked from your garden. This is certainly an all day vape.

This vape juice does not have a weird taste at all. The sweetness is not too intense, so you will not get tired of the flavor quickly.

When vaping Snozberry e-juice, you can truly taste every flavor in the juice. The blend of berries is so distinct. You can pick up the taste of raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries with every puff. This is a very flavorful vape juice that is recommended for berry lovers. There are many mixed berries vape liquids on the market, but very few of them can be compared to this one.

Snozzberry by Dirt Cheap is available with different nicotine strength levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg or 24mg of nicotine. This is just awesome because you get t select the nicotine level that will give you the kind of throat hit you desire.

The e-juice also comes with different vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratios. You can choose of VG/PG ratio of 90/10, 70/30, or 50/50. You can choose to vape this e-juice with a tank or dripper since it is not to thick.

You will feel a soft sensation in your throat when vaping this vape juice. This throat hit is not irritating.

Dirt Cheap’s Snozzberry produces thick clouds of vapor. You will be impressed with the huge clouds that you get from this e-juice. The vapor lingers in the air for some time. It will fill your room with a pleasant berry scent.

Snozzberry is a tasty vape juice. Everything about this vape liquid is original. You can tell that it is not a copy.

Dirt Cheap has been around for some time now. The company started out in 2012 and has been making waves in the vaping industry since then. You can order this e-liquid directly from Dirt Cheap.

The great thing about buying from Dirt Cheap is that you get excellent customer service. The company offers super fast shipping of your orders. You can get your orders the same day if done Mondays through Saturdays – excluding holidays.

When you visit the Dirt Cheap online store, you will find a wide array of e-liquids. All the e-juices by Dirt Cheap E-juice are 100% American-made. The company uses the finest ingredients to make its e-liquids.

You will get exciting deals when you buy from Dirt Cheap. These deals are open to everyone. All you need to do is visit their site. Currently, you can get a 10ml bottle of this product for only 1 cent. All you have to do is enter the coupon code “TRY 1” and you are good to go.

Snozzberry is just one of many vape liquids from Dirt Cheap e-juice, and it is so affordable. You can get this e-juice in different bottle sizes. It is available in 10ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles. You can choose either glass or plastic bottles. Visit the Dirt Cheap E-juice store and order Snozzberry now.

You can enjoy all favorite berries in one bottle with Snozzberry by Dirt Cheap.


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