Coil Master Coiling Kit V3 Review

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Here she is, the Coil Master Coiling Kit V3! If you mention a coil jig to most vapers, they think of 2 things. They either repulse at the thought of using anything other than a screwdriver/drill bit or they think of a clunky square piece of metal that is hard to use. The coil master changed the minds of a lot of people when it first hit the market. Its sleek design and ease of use set it apart from the competition. Now in its third generation, each an improvement over its predecessor and with the great thought of consumer feedback, I have their latest offering in my hands.

What’s In The Box

The outer sleeve and box are identical as far as imagery, warnings and other labels. There is a small sticker on the outer sleeve that tells you if you have a red, blue or black kit, and a scratch off panel that you can use to ensure that you have an authentic product. The packaging states that it contains 1 base, 3 top covers, and 6 coiling poles. (1.5  2.0  2.5  3.0  3.5  4.0) It then shows four small images to show you how the product works. They are small, but you can get the general impression of how the product works from them.

Inside the box, you will find a small drawstring bag that’s made of nylon with the Coil Master logo, and once again, a link to their website. It is an elegant little carry case to keep all of its contents in one place, something I like. Inside the bag is where life gets interesting. When you get done tearing open the little white bags they put everything in (and realize you probably should have kept them) you will notice that each of the three covers has a hole on either end with a number next to it. Each of the coiling poles has a number etched into the end.

Full marks to Coil Master for idiot proofing the system here.

You will find the base unit, which when compared side by side with the Kuro CW-30 unit, it is slightly wider and considerably longer. When using them in a straight comparison test, the Coil Master Coiling Kit V3 feels better in my hands. Another thing I truly like about this product is the fact that I can change the coiling poles quickly and easily. A couple of twists and I am ready to change sizes, and although I will probably never use the first 3 (1.5-2.5 mm), the others will come in handy on a regular basis. It has holes on either side of the base unit, allowing you to coil clockwise or counter-clockwise. This is without a doubt a huge bonus. There is nothing worse than having two perfect coils ready to seat and then having to finagle the angle of your active connection because it refuses to line up right.

How Does It Work

I will keep this simple. Before you even start with the Coil Master Coiling Kit V3, make sure you know what you are going to build and ensure that you have a battery/batteries that will be able to handle what you put on there safely. My first step is always to go to vape shop to make sure my build will line up with what I think it will be. I am going to a dual coil 0.24O rely on 4mm wraps. The calculator tells me 6/7 covers, so that is exactly what I will do.

  • Take the top cap off the base unit.
  • Insert the 40 (4mm) into the top cap, then reassemble the base unit.
  • Insert wire into the hole that will allow you to turn counter-clockwise (if you are holding it in your right hand with the holes on the right, it will be the top one).
  • Place the Top Cover marked with the 40 over the rod and seat the wire against the base unit by pressing gently.
  • Keep a firm grip on the wire that is through the hole to prevent it from sliding back through as you begin to create your wraps.
  • Turn your left hand counter-clockwise until the 6/7 covers are complete. Do not put excessive force on the top cap as you are turning as you may cause the wraps to overlap.
  • When you are complete, unscrew the top cap from the base unit, let the bar slide out, and the coil should come off with ease.
  • Put that coil to one side for the time being.
  • At this point, I change hands with the coiler and repeat the process verbatim but with the base on the left.
  • You will be left with two perfectly formed mirror image coils ready to insert into your RDA deck.

For all the other steps in setting up your RDA, seating your coils, pulsing, checking your ohms and wicking, see here.

Functionality / Durability

This product is from Coil Master, and that is exactly what this is, a ‘Coil Master’. Even if you have arthritis or other problems in your hands, this product is easy to use. It feels oversized compared to previous versions and the competition, which works in its favor. As far as the durability … for me, this is a brand new device and really can’t speak to that just yet. The construction seems solid. Having spoken to several people who have had them for a few weeks, word is that they do their job well.


I have found them online priced anywhere from $15 to $50. The official price from Coil Master’s website is $26.00. As far as I am concerned, it is a tool that should last you for years and I have paid much more for a decent screwdriver. To buy the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 visit this vape store.

Current Deals On Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for $59.95

Final Thoughts

We have come a long way since struggling with a screwdriver to get perfect coils. The Coil Master Coiling Kit V3 makes life 1000% easier with a device that’s so simple to operate, it should be in everyone’s toolbox. Now if they could only come up with a device that reads ohms, fires coils for crimping and has a built-in automatic coil builder where you just program in the number of wraps, then vaping would be much easier. Hey, don’t knock it, it could happen.

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