Classic Menthol E-juice By LYX Vapors Review

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Menthol is a well blended vaping juice that will excite your taste buds with every hit you take. As you can tell from its name, this premium e-juice is menthol flavored. Menthol is manufactured in the United States by LYX Vapors. The relatively new vaping company has an impressive collection of e-liquids that will impress many vapers. LYX Vapors makes it a point to use only high-quality ingredients in the production of its different e-juice flavors. Menthol is a one of a kind mint flavored e-juice.

This premium e-juice is part of the new LYX Vapors e-juice line called Classic. The LYX Vapors Classic e-juice line is comprised of three different distinct e-liquid flavors. Besides Menthol, the other two flavors in the delicious Classic e-liquid line are Doc Holiday and Coil Killa. The three e-juice flavors in the LYX Classic line are expertly blended. The mixers at LYX Vapors work tirelessly to ensure that the three e-liquids in the LYX Classic line make for a pleasant vaping experience. Doc Holiday presents a traditional tobacco flavor that is sure to please tobacco enthusiasts. Coil Killa, on the other hand, is a unique dessert flavored e-liquid. According to LYX Vapors, it is possible to mix the three different e-juice flavors in the LYX Classic line. You can also vape each LYX Classic e-juice individually.

If you have a thing for menthol-flavored e-liquids, then, there are chances that you will relish the taste and aroma of LYX Vapors Menthol. Unlike most menthol flavored e-liquids on the market, this premium e-juice really tastes like mint. The taste of the menthol flavor in the e-juice is bold. The menthol flavor in this e-juice also has that characteristic coolness of menthol. The rich taste of the menthol flavors stays consistent throughout the inhale and exhale of this LYX Vapors e-juice. Menthol has a pleasant after taste that lasts for a very long time in the mouth. Menthol is one of those superb tasting e-liquids that you can vape all day long and not get tired of its taste.

Menthol has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. As a result of this max VG and reduced PG blend, Menthol has a thick and smooth texture. You can vape Menthol using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA).

If you are one of those vapers who enjoy blowing massive clouds of vapor with every hit, then, there is a high probability that you will be thrilled by Menthol. As you can expect from an e-liquid with a 70 percent VG ratio, Menthol produces huge clouds of vapor. The clouds you get from vaping this premium LYX Vapors e-liquid are massive and full of flavor. Menthol has a nice aroma.

Menthol by LYX Vapors is available in different nicotine levels which include 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Menthol and other LYX Vapors e-juice flavors are smooth on the throat. You don’t get any throat discomforts when you vape Menthol by LYX Vapors.

Like all other LYX Vapors e-liquids, Menthol comes in a clear glass bottle with a black childproof dropper cap. LYX Vapors thoughtfully added the dropper cap to make filling your tank an easy task. There is a black label with white and orange colored texts on the bottle of Menthol.

Besides the Classic e-juice series, LYX has other e-juice flavors in its amazing vaping juice collection. The other LYX Vapors e-liquid lines include Paragon and Cowboy e-liquid lines. All LYX Vapors e-juice flavors are available for sale on their online store. Vapers can purchase a 30ml bottle of Menthol by LYX Vapors for $13.99.

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