CBDfx CBD Oil: Why I Trust the Brand

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Following the recent legislation to legalize hemp products, the sale of CBD products has grown significantly. People use it for its renowned medical benefits and especially since CBD does not give you a high.

With the increasing popularity and interest, different forms of CBD, from gummies and tinctures to wax dab and hand lotions, are on the rise. CBD product manufacturers are also growing in numbers. And the trend leaves many consumers not only overwhelmed but also confused about what brand to trust.

Knowing how CBD oil is extracted and made is very important. There are plenty of ways to extract CBD oil.

When it comes to my CBD needs, the only brand that I trust is CBDfx. The California-based company uses CO2 extraction to deliver high-quality CBD products.

But before we talk about that, it is important to know that CBDfx uses sources its CBD from organically grown hemp plants. This fact alone guarantees that you can depend on its CBD products.

The CBD extraction process requires a ton of work that we tend to overlook. In a supercritical CO2 extraction process, CBD, as well as other compounds, are removed from the plant matter. This results in an oil or wax that contains the desired ingredients.

Before CBD was popular, turning a hemp plant into CBD vape oil involved the use of harsh chemical solvents, such as butane. The good thing about CO2 extraction is that it does not leave harmful residual chemicals in the oil. This makes CO2 extraction more advantageous and preferred than the chemical solvents.

In addition, the CO2 extraction process is way cleaner and purer since our body is used to CO2.

The “supercritical” in the procedure refers to cooling CO2 at freezing temperatures and compressing the gas. In other words, the CO2 gas is converted into a cold liquid with a gas-like characteristic. It is not usual for CO2 to be converted into a liquid so a huge amount of pressure is needed while being cooled to up to -70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the supercritical CO2 is produced, CBDfx lab staff can adjust its solubility and fine-tune the plant compound they are trying to extract.

The entire process can be confusing to understand but it plays a very important role in the quality of the CBD we use. Supercritical CO2 extraction also has several benefits.

First, the procedure ensures that the correct compound is isolated. As I said earlier, carbon dioxide is abundant in the atmosphere and it is present in our body. So it is relatively safe to use.

Unlike using alcohol and butane, hemp oils extracted using CO2 do not have an odd, chemical taste. The taste and aroma are natural since no harsh chemicals are injected or mixed.

It is also beneficial for the environment since it is recyclable. Residual CO2 simply evaporates through the air, requiring no complicated processes to be eliminated.

CBDfx is one of the trusted CBD manufacturers that produces CBD using CO2 extraction process. The company has a wide variety of products available at CBDfx.com.

My usual go-to products are vape pens, vape juices, and vape additives. Vaping has the second highest bioavailability rate next to IV infusion, so I find it more effective than the rest. Your method, strength, and type of CBD actually vary based on your need and condition. It honestly took me some time to find my comfort zone. I had to do a lot of experimentations and testing to find my “happy place.”

Overall, I am recommending CBD oil regardless of whether you are sick or healthy. And for the brand, always choose the name you can trust. As for me, that is CBDfx. Do not be fooled by super cheap prices or fancy looks. Do not compromise on quality and authenticity.

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