Blu Bean Premium E Liquid Review

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Who’s up for some desserts as in an ice cream sticking out of a doughnut? But really, if you the kind of person that calculates every caloric intake you take, might as well consider giving this mouth-watering vape juice a try.

Checking its flavor profile, this is an e-liquid that meets your ultimate craving. “Blu Bean’s premium e-liquid gives you the sweet blend of a mouth-watering blueberry frosted doughnut smothered in a creamy, delicate vanilla ice cream.”

By merely reading that brief description, I bet you are heading to your fridge right now and checking if there’s some ice cream. But really, let’s give this Blu Bean e-liquid the sweet review it deserves. Check the product at

First off, the flavor. Since this e-liquid has two base flavors, we will start first with the doughnut. In all fairness, I did get that subtle blueberry glaze flavor. And mind you, this does not have that usual cakey texture you tend to get like most doughnut flavors. Cakey to the point that some people can compare it to almost tasting like a Play-Doh (in case you have ever tried tasting it). But for this bottle, you don’t have to worry about that taste. It is not here.

On the other hand, the vanilla bean ice cream is super rich and creamy. I have to be honest that at times, there is too much vanilla that it overwhelms the blueberry doughnut flavor. However, if you set your mod at a higher wattage, that blueberry doughnut flavor starts to come out and becomes more prevalent. In case you are wondering, I am using my Smok Alien 220W kit for this, so just I can easily linger between 95 and 100 watts using an RDA.

This blend has an 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol ratio. Cloud lovers will surely like this as it delivers solid clouds. However, this can be a bit unfriendly for your cotton and coils. So moderate use, I suppose. What’s important though is that it runs pleasantly and smoothly on the throat with no harsh throat hit or even nose burning sensation. The ingredients included in this Blu Bean e-liquid are Natural and Artificial Flavor, USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, and USP Nicotine.

If you’ve got a few seconds to spare, try looking at its label for a while because it is as good as its flavor. The e-liquid is stored in a clear bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap. The silver colored label bears the brand name “Blu Bean” and some yummy cartoon-ish images of a vanilla ice cream stuck in a blueberry doughnut.

For one, the child-resistant dropper cap is an advantage. It helps vapers make sure that transferring the e-liquid from the container to an atomizer is done mess-free. And it also prevents kids from messing up your vaping business. The label also bears other important information such as the nicotine levels, the manufacturing dates, and the expiration dates, to name a few.

Speaking of nicotine, this juice right here got three nicotine levels available for you — 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The 0 mg of nicotine version is suitable for those looking for a guaranteed nicotine-free blend. Those who want an average throat hit or just want a little nicotine on the blend can opt for the 3 mg. And the 6 mg are for those looking to experience the strongest hit this flavor can offer. It’s not that much (as other brands offer up to 24 mg of nicotine) but I swear, this is already more than enough for most vapers, including me.

What’s interesting to note is that its nicotine has this some sort-of peppery taste. However, this is not something negative as it somehow added a nutty character to the flavor itself. Again, the flavor comes in a good way.

Shop Blu Bean e liquids online and snatch a good deal from it. Yes, you can grab a 60-mL bottle for as low as $25.99. For an e-juice with a high premium quality like this, all I can say is that you will definitely get yourself a very good deal mate. Grab a bottle of this irresistible flavor now before it runs out. Until then, vape on mates!






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