Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban eCigars Review

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There are many types of vaping devices on the market today, and each has its particularities. Some people prefer to use devices that looks and feels like a real cigar.  Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban eCigars are some of the best cigar-like vaping device you’ll find on the market.

Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigars look like the real thing. When vaping them, the aroma you get is similar to a mild pipe tobacco. One of the advantages of an eCigar is that there is no falling ash. After vaping, it stays cool. You can easily place it in your pocket, and it can be enjoyed at many different places where traditional cigars are not allowed.

Cuban eCigars Specifications
Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigar is a delight to vape. A good electronic device is necessary to relish the flavors and create abundant vapor.

Here are some features of this Cuban eCigar
• Up to 1800 puffs
• Available full bodied 24 mg nicotine strength or light Cuban 12 mg nicotine strength
• Soft tip like a real cigar
• Natural look wrapper
• Detailed ash with blue LED

About Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban Ecigars
When vaping this Cuban eCigar, you get a smooth tobacco flavor. It has the appearance, feel, and taste of a real hand-rolled premium cigar. Also, it is disposable. Each eCigar contains a battery that supplies the power and a cartridge that holds the e-juice. You can choose an e-cigar with 12 mg of nicotine or 24 mg of nicotine. You will get 12 times more puffs from this eCigar than a real cigar. Also, you can vape it anywhere, even at locations where normal cigars and cigarettes are not allowed since it does not produce any smoke. The vapor dissipates in a clean mist without any heavy cigar smell.

The best thing about using an eCigar instead of an RDA, a sub-ohm tank or other types of vaping devices is that everything is already incorporated and ready to be vaped. It looks and feels like a real cigar. Everything is factory set to provide the best vaping experience.

At you will find Cuban eCigars at a very affordable price. There are frequent sales that you can take advantage of to make some tremendous savings. Currently, you can get a Cuban eCigar on sale for only $13.99. It is a real bargain price. Atomic Dog Vapor sells a wide range of vaping devices, accessories, and everything else you need to get a terrific vaping experience.

You will benefit from excellent customer service, online chat for queries, and very fast delivery when you shop at Atomic Dog Vapor. The website is very secure. It uses the latest encryption technology. Atomic Dog Vapor is one of the best online stores for vapers. You will get the best prices for all types of vaping products.

Atomic Dog Vapor Cuban eCigars gives you the joy of indulging a real cigar. It is old school with a new twist. The delicious light flavor of Cuban tobacco fills your taste buds and provides you a lovely vaping experience. It is perfect to vape while having a cup of coffee, when relaxing, or whenever you feel the desire to entice your palates with the taste of tobacco. With some 1800 puffs, one eCigars is the equivalent of three packs of cigarettes. It is long-lasting and lightweight.

Cuban cigars are very popular. They are regarded as the best on the market. The island of Cuba has been producing tobacco for hundreds of years, and manufacturers have produced cigars in Cuba since the period of King Philip II of Spain (1527 – 1598).

Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigars are one the best. The flavors are made from Cuban tobacco extracts. There is no chemical aftertaste. You get the real taste of Cuban tobacco. You will be delighted with every puff. If you like to enjoy your vape on an eCigar or you have a thing for tobacco e-liquids, then the Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigar can easily become your go-to tobacco vape. You will be thrilled by the real taste of Cuban tobacco.

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