Atomic Dog Vapor Ba-Nano Bread Review

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The website states the ADV Ba-Nano Bread is their atomic dog recipe…but tastes like homemade! Find out below why I think this is a good homemade banana bread vape juice.


70 VG / 30 PG – Expect immense vapor production at its finest!


ADV Ba-Nano bread has the finest ingredients with natural characteristics. It has natural & artificial flavoring, SP Propylene Glycol (PG), USP Vegetable Glycerine (VG), and  USP Nic  Select Nicotine.

Vaping Company

This variant belongs to the collection of Atomic Dog Vapor (ADV). It is one of their 40+ flavors. This company has been in the industry for quite awhile now. Their headquarters is located in Pennsylvania, USA. The company is known to beginners since they carry a broad range of flavor profiles. In addition to that, they are a source of cheap alternatives to popular e-juices. They sell their products exclusively on their respective site. Their product offerings also includes vape devices, tanks, coils, batteries, and much more. Furthermore, the acronym of the company spells out ADV. It hits two birds with one stone; the acronym for Atomic Dog Vapor and All Day Vape with the latter being a popular term in vaping.


The range of price for the ADV Ba-Nano bread starts at $3.99 up to as high as $24.99. It has three pricing types according to its bottle size. With its flavor and vapor potential, you can get your money’s worth and more.

Packaging and Design

Ba-Nano bread has three sizes with small, medium, and big size. It has a 10 ml, 30 ml, and 136 ml option. For first time users, you can get the sample size. While those who are adventurous enough to try a new flavor, take the 30 ml option and for the chain vapers, go straight to 136 ml. The bottle has a clear material with a dropper-type cap. It is also child-proof, o it’s safe to carry around with kids around. The bottle’s overall look and design is simple. The label is printed on the sticker. You can find the company logo, company name, flavor name, net content, and nicotine strength on it. Their Facebook page is also printed on the sticker label. The ADV Ba-nano Bread’s look may not look like one but the substance in it can definitely deliver and won’t fail you.

Flavor and Taste

One of the well-liked flavors from vapers is banana. When I first ventured to vaping, the first flavor I’ve tried was banana. So, I decided to try this flavor as well. True enough, it is a smooth banana bread flavor. It tastes like ripened banana with chopped walnuts. The Ba-Nano bread resembles vividly the bread grandma use to to bake at home. On the intake, you can taste the sweetness of the banana while the pastry notes of the bread hovers towards the finish. This is undeniably the perfect blend for the classic banana bread recipe. It is very tasty and rich but not too much to take.

Throat Hit Intensity

For those planning to include this to their ADV stash, I suggest to take the 3 mg or 6 mg nicotine strength. The Ba-Nano bread has five options from 0, 3, 6, 12, and 24 mg. I got the 3 mg and so far, it glides softly on the throat. There is a punch at the back of the throat yet it leaves you asking for more. Just an insider tip though, once you receive the bottle try to steep it for about a week longer. That way, you can use its flavor’s maximum potential. Also, the scent will mellow down and activates an enticing banana fruity odor.

Vapor Production

The cloud chasers will be happy with this e-liquid. It has 70 percent of vegetable glycerin which makes it very capable for massive cloud production. Using this with only a single Clapton coil paired with Japanese cotton, the cloud production is still beautiful. The end-result makes me one happy vaper. The clouds also linger and the aroma, too. Try to maintain power around 50 to 60 wattage to achieve the robustness of the flavor and the immensity of the vapor. Having said all of these, the Ba-Nano Bread e-liquid is a good starter flavor for beginners and chain vapers alike.

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