Aspire PockeX Kit Review

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Aspire is continually catering the needs of the vaping industry, producing an immense range of devices and tanks. Its Pocket (AIO) kit is designed to help those who are trying to quit cigarettes.

The kit is placed inside a plain, black, and compact box. It has a sophisticated but not luxurious enough packaging. The box contains a PockeX AIO, a pre-installed 0.6 ohm coil, a replacement coil, a user manual, and a USB chord. (I recommend heading to to check this device out. The entire set will only cost you just NZD $34.90.)

The PockeX has a simple, elegant, and compact design. This is very suitable for discreet vaping as you can simply slip it inside a small bag or in your pocket. This mod has a smooth brushed steel finish. And obviously, its size makes it all the more convenient to hold. It is light yet very sturdy.

The mod has an easy to fill tank too, with a 100% leak proof guarantee from Aspire. Even though its airflow holes cannot be adjusted, they are perfectly optimized. Changing coils can be an easy breezy task as well. There is no need for you to drain your e-liquid first. Instead, just unscrew them easily from the top cap. The tank has a removable steel sleeve, and this sleeve has a max fill line. I suggest you leave the metal sleeve while refilling. The mouthpiece also comes with an integrated Delrin drip tip.

The PockeX features the Aspire Nautilus X tank that can store up to 2 ml of e-liquid. The mod is run by a 1,500 mAh battery that should give an average user at least two days to operate without recharging. Charging can be done on the base part of the device using a micro-USB wire. It has a pass-through feature as well that allows you to vape and charge at the same time. This is, however, not recommended. You know, prevention is always better than cure.

Moreover, it is best if you let the battery die completely as this can reduce its charging capabilities over time. You will find the LED indicators helpful in determining your batteries’ actual status. For instance, a blue light indicates that at least 30% of battery power still remains, while pink means it is less than 30% already.

The PockeX is equipped with several safety features. Five successive clicks will switch the device on or off. A blue LED light will indicate that the device has just turned on and pink if it has just turned off. It also has a 10-second auto cut-off. This is important to prevent coil burn out. The device will also automatically cut out after the battery has been fully charged. It has a maximum output power of 23 watts.

Since this is designed as a mouth to lung device, you will draw the vapor into your mouth first before inhaling into the lungs just like a smoker would do. You will roughly obtain the same amount of smoke just like what you would get from a cigarette, making this the perfect tool for those who want to shift to vaping. As for the flavor it products, Aspire tanks and coils are known for it and the PockeX does not disappoint. I suggest firing the PockeX at a wattage range of between 18 watts and 23 watts; this is just to make sure you get optimal flavor.

Speaking of e-liquids, Black Note’s premium tobacco flavored e-liquids will surely help those recent cigarette quitters. Its tobacco e-liquids will bring out bold notes of premium tobacco flavors and minor notes of aroma and flavor. The company works extremely hard to produce the best quality e-liquid. There are seven unique flavors to choose from, including Forte, Legato, Prelude, Quartet, Sonata, and Solo. All these are available for the cheapest price of NZD $37.99 at NZ Ecig Store. Each flavor comes with different nicotine concentration levels.

The PockeX is not only suitable for newbies but also for seasoned users. It is relatively easy to use. Just simply fill your tank up with your e-liquid of choice and then you are all set to vape. Overall, with consideration to price, performance, and style, the PockeX definitely hit it all.



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