3 Important Factors That Affects Sub Ohm Vaping

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Sub ohm vaping has become a trend, but without proper knowledge and tools, you may not get the best experiences. Three factors are very important in sub ohm vaping – coil resistance, battery voltage, and wattage.

1. Coil Resistance

Resistance refers to the amount of electricity that can pass through your coil. It is similar to the thickness of a water pipe. If the water pipe is wide, then more water can flow through. If the resistance of your coil is low, more current can pass through. This means more power. However, if the resistance of your coil is high, this means a lower power capacity.

As you can see, when you are looking to increase the power output of your vaping device, getting good batteries is not the only thing to consider. Choosing a sub ohm coil is the answer. This is why a lot of cloud chasers prefer using sub ohm devices.

2. Battery Voltage

The battery voltage is the electromotive force or potential difference of any power source. The standard measurement of voltage is volts (V). In vaporizers, the batteries generate power. The voltage of 18650 lithium-ion batteries usually ranges from 3.7 to 4.5 volts. There are other batteries with a higher voltage. If the voltage is higher, the wattage will be higher. But when the resistance of the coil goes up, you must have enough power to provide the recommended wattage.

When sub ohm vaping, you must always select the right battery and using it safely. You must ensure that the battery is authentic and comes from a reputable brand. Do not use a battery if is damaged. This could lead to accidents. Also, do not expose your battery to extreme cold, heat or moisture.

3. Wattage

This is the electrical output of a device. The standard measurement of wattage is watts (W). Wattage will also change once the battery voltage or the coil resistance changes.

Wattage is the real power that your device generates. This means that if you increase the wattage, you’ll have more heat, vapor, and flavor. To increase the wattage and get the same results, there are two options. You can increase the voltage that the coil receives. You can also decrease the resistance (ohms) of the coil.

If the wattage is too high, you may get a burnt flavor and it could lead to safety issues. If you go too low, you may not enjoy your vaping experience. Thus, it is important to maintain the correct wattage range. You can see the wattage range of your coil on the package or on the body of the coil. Alternatively, you can check out the power chart at www.wotofo.com.

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