13th Floor Elevapors’ Django Nic Salt E-Liquid Review

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Well, I am a Tarantino fan, so when I realized that there is a vape juice by the name of Django, I ordered it immediately. And now, I am writing this post to talk about how great it was.

This vape juice is everything that I expected. But before I go into further details, let’s talk a bit more about the product, its flavor, and more.

13th Floor Elevapors’ Django Nic Salt comes in a 30 ml bottle size. It is available with nicotine levels of 30 MG and 50 MG. The PG/VG ratio of this e-liquid is 50/50. This e-liquid is a blend of vanilla, caramel, and tobacco flavor.

Vanilla, caramel, and tobacco – well, these are three things that I live for. When you open the bottle of Django by 13th Floor Elevapors, it feels like you just walked into an ice cream parlor where they smoke as well. Sounds funny? But it is true. The aroma of this e-juice is quite powerful. The aroma of vanilla stands out. You also get a bit of caramel and tobacco. However, neither of the three flavors dominates the blend. The flavors come together well, which means it is quite easy to get lost in the flavor of Django. The tobacco flavor is the most subtle. The vanilla and caramel flavor stand out more. The tobacco flavor only emerges when you least expect it. What a little devil!

The flavor of Django by 13th Floor Elevapors is quite subtle. So, on the inhale, you get a sweet vanilla flavor alongside subtle notes of caramel. The tobacco flavor comes in at the end and will make you smile. I must say this e-juice is a perfect blend. On the exhale, you get the same flavors, but they are more prominent and fuse together well, providing a unique taste which could make this e-juice addictive in a nice way. So watch out! It also produces a thick cloud of smoke which is quite fun to play around with; yes, I am a cloud chaser. I have mastered quite a few cloud tricks. While the vapor production of this e-juice is quite good, it is very mild on the throat, so vaping it is quite pleasurable.

The packaging design of Django is quite beautiful! It comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a black and yellow label. You will find the 12th Floor Elevapors logo on the bottle as well as some other basic information about the product. The bottle is designed so that you can refill your tank or dripper conveniently without spilling the e-liquid.  The guys at 13th Floor Elevapors surely know how to pack!

You can get a 30ml bottle of Django for $19.99 at Smoking Things. This is a fairly reasonable, considering that this is a premium vape juice with a mind-blowing flavor.

Smoking Things is an online store that provides excellent customer service. If you place an order at this store, it gets delivered on time.

Smoking Things accepts multiple payment options such as American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. So no matter what lies in the compartments of your wallet, you can always buy this juice with your desired payment method.

So if you are looking for a high-quality e-liquid with a complex flavor, then Django vape juice is just the thing for you. Vanilla and Caramel are quite simple flavors, yet they are irresistible. And when tobacco shakes hands with them, the result is truly outstanding, so much so, that you would like to have a bottle of this e-juice in your collection all the time. Order a bottle of this e-liquid and experience the amazing flavor for yourself. I am quite sure you will not be disappointed.


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